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At South Florida’s Premier Nanny Service company, London Bee they believe that finding top quality child-care for your child should not be such a difficult task.  London Bee’s Premier Nanny Service, President, L. Baugh says, “I know all too well, from my own experience that it is not easy to part with your child, especially, first time moms.  It is also not easy to leave your child with a stranger but sometimes, life’s demands, do not always allow us the luxury of staying home with our children.  Also, at London Bee, we are aware that there are plenty of times, when you just need a ‘break!’  I know from personal experience that trying to find someone to take care of your child in your own home, is not an easy task. So, this is why we also offer babysitting services.”

At London Bee, we are here for YOU!  We represent well-qualified nannies and babysitters with various skills, backgrounds, and talents in order to match your family’s individual needs. All of our caregivers have undergone an extensive background check. London Bee looks for childcare providers who will not only make safety a priority, but will also engage your children in fun-filled learning activities. Our nannies and babysitters have a passion for supporting your child’s growth and development. Baugh says, “We meticulously screen our nanny and babysitting applicants, so that when they are up for hire with your family, you can be assured, you are getting a trust-worthy individual to care for your child.”

London Bee would like to share with you some of the many reasons why it can be beneficial to hire a nanny (or babysitter.)


1. Sleep Deprivation is real.  This is the number one common complaint of new mothers. New mothers are suffering from lack of appropriate sleep which can lead to altered moods, anxiety disorders, indecisiveness, unable to think clearly, unhealthy eating, weight gain, and stress.  A lack of sleep is detrimental to our well being, so if you do not get adequate sleep, you are risking your overall health.  Consider hiring a night nanny to care for your newborn while you get uninterrupted sleep and recuperate at a faster rate.  Once the baby is ready to sleep through the night, many night nannies can offer successful sleep training for the baby as well!  

2. Me Time - If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t have the energy and strength needed to take care of the others who need you most. Whether it is so you can meet up with a friend or do your grocery shopping in a more relaxed-state, hire a sitter so you can set aside time for you.  

3. Flexibility -When you hire a nanny, you make the schedule and benefit from the flexibility.  Your nanny works from your home, so it’s very convenient.

4. Work - Your kids get out of school at 3, but your workday doesn't end until 5. An after-school nanny can help cover the extra time.  Your after-school nanny can help your kids with their homework, so you can focus on spending quality time with them when you get home.

5. Care for Your Kids - Nannies make their careers out of caring for children and will seek out developmentally appropriate and stimulating activities tailored to the individual needs of your children.

6. Convenience - When you have an early meeting, you don’t have to scramble to find a babysitter.  Also, when your child is sick for a couple of days, you won’t be stuck paying day care fees, while also taking time off from work to stay home with your child.

7. Save Money - If you have several kids, it can be cheaper to hire a nanny than to send them all to day care.

Note, there are tons of great reasons to hire a nanny or babysitter and it is obviously amazingly convenient for moms, but one of the top reasons to hire help for your family from London Bee Premier Nanny Services is because we make every effort to find you the most reliable, loving, and trust-worthy individual(s) to take care of your child.  

We strive for you to “bee happy” and keep your children safe and loved in their own environment.

Let London Bee find the right caregiver for your family.  Give us a call at: (954) 954-470-0777.   

You can also visit our website: http://www.londonbeenanny.com/ and stop by our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LondonBeePremierNannyService

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