Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Sometimes, just sometimes, the vain part of me takes over. Now, I am aware that the greatest blessing in life is to have good health but I couldn't help it as I got out of the shower today and looked in the mirror, and realized, my eyebrows are looking like a uni-brow, my lips look like I have a mustache and oh, that nose hair! I thought, "Ughh, I'm getting old. When in the world did that happen? "  Obviously, it's time for a waxing appointment but the nose hair thing. That killed me.

Now, I don't consider myself a vain person (really, I don't) but there are some things I worry about as I get older.  Not that I am totally over the hill yet, but let's face it, I am not 25 anymore!  Let's just say, I want to be "forever 39."

A couple of years ago when I worked with senior citizens in my last "corporate" job in property management, I use to see what were once beautiful women, slowly turn into frail and disheveled looking old people.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a lot of them but the ones I did see deteriorate, were quite depressing to witness.  I could see the decline from the moment they moved into to the senior housing building.  Most of them, had outlived their relatives and sadly, some of the ones with relatives, never had visitors.

The thought of growing old and not having family to come visit, made me extremely sad.  I know every picture tells a story, so who knows why some of these people did not have visitors, but still...

I thought, who helps them get dressed?  Who helps them with the things that once mattered, for example, to a woman, like coloring her hair and plucking her eyebrows and looking impeccable?  Do these things no longer matter when you get old?  It is true, it all depends on the person and their personality and how important looks are (or were to them.)  All I know, is I don't want to be that old

lady in a recliner full of  grays everywhere with a 
 nose full of hair. I mean really, who wants that?  Sounds shallow I know, but admit it, you wouldn't want it either!

I guess, if you are really lucky and treat your children well, especially your daughters, someday, they will be around to help you out with this, if this is the kind of thing that matters to you.

All I know, is that today, when I stood in front of the mirror, all I good think of was, "Geez, who in the world is going to pluck my  nose hairs when I grow old?!"  (As the Carly Simon tune, "You're So Vain," played in my head!)

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