Thursday, June 16, 2016


I love the beach but sometimes, I feel it can get a little
messy with sand getting all over your stuff, especially when you are with small children or having a picnic. Recently, I found this beautiful round beach towel on the internet that I absolutely love! It is big and round and so colorful. There is a huge variety online but this one was one of my favorites.

It's a perfect beach or picnic blanket, big enough to accommodate two or three people. It has multiple uses including beach blanket, yoga mat, meditation blanket, baby blanket, throw for your bed, couch or chair, wall tapestry,
picnic blanket, table cloth.

It even makes a fun alternative to a beach wrap up. It is made of lightweight
cotton. It is both versatile and trendy. It’s a great buy for your guests at a
destination beach wedding! 

There are plenty to choose from, this just happens to be one of my favorite!
This towel includes a free tote /travel bag : 18 x 11inches( with zip 100% cotton) and
sham/cushion cover : 17.5 X 11 inches (with zip . 100% cotton). Both pieces can
be used interchangeably as travel bag/tote/ pillow sham covers/cushion covers.
They each have a zip and are reversible prints (front and back same prints.)

Beach mat can be folded along with the sham cover and placed inside the tote
for storage. In the picture both the bags are used as cushion covers. You can
use them alternatively as tote/travel bag. The beach mat folds and can be
placed inside the tote along with the cushion cover. 

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