Monday, June 27, 2016


It's summer time and if you do not have your kids signed up for summer camp, you can be guaranteed to hear, "I'm bored," several hundred times a day. Today's kids are so hooked on electronics it is hard to get them to focus on anything else.  Here are a few ideas to kick-start some fun during the day, especially on rainy, indoor days!  

Let them use their imagination and have fun the "old school" way.  Let them play outside and play hide & seek or run around with the sprinklers on. Play slip & slide or a good old fashion game of four-square or hop-scotch.  How about Red Rover?  Does anyone remember that game? There are a lot of fun things your kids can do, it's just a matter of taking the time to steer them in the right direction. 



Things to Do ( Especially on Rainy Days)

1. Build a fort
2. Play wiffle ball
3. Create a play and act it out
4. Do a puzzle
5. Camp outdoors
6. Blow bubbles
7. Rent a movie from the library
8. Wash cars
9.  Write a story (imagination)
10. Play restaurant
11. Bake something
12. Play dress up
13. Play a board game
14. Climb trees
15. Have a scavenger hunt
16. Write a name poem
17. Make something with arts & crafts
18. Play Simon Says
19. Write to your grandparents/cousins etc...
20. Have a photo shoot
21. Play four-square
22. Build a bird house
23. Have a lemonade stand
24. Play Pictionary
25. Learn a new board game

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