Friday, July 1, 2016


If you are anything like me and most moms, you love posting pictures, looking at pictures and browsing through Instagram and Pinterest on the things you like.  Recently, I discovered a cool new photo app called, phlow that lets you follow the topics you like, not just the people you follow or the topics they suggsest.  It is great because sometimes the people I follow or am friends with online don't always have the same likes and interests as me. phlow lets me follow topics that I love and am interested in.

Read more below about this cool new app. Personally, I love it because I love photography and I love that I can choose the topics that I am personally interested in!  Thumbs up for phlow from Mommy Warrior!


phlow is a brand new, photo sharing app for experiencing the images you love. Similar in a way to Instagram, but instead of following people, you follow the topics you are passionate about. Makeup, beauty, skincare, tattoos, surfing, climbing, travel…

It shows you the most relevant images for the themes you are interested in. phlow is a way of consuming large quantities of visual content in a beautiful and distraction free environment.


phlow isn’t a social network!

The irony of social media is that it doesn’t show us what we want to see, instead, social networks focus on the people you know and what they like to publish. But what about you, and what you want do see? Shouldn’t you be the centre of your own world?

This is where phlow differs from the likes of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Your “friends” are not at the helm of what you are going to see; you don’t need to know someone to appreciate their art. If it’s relevant to you and your interests, phlow will make it available to you.


phlow is available right now for free as a web app on any mobile device by visiting

For iPhone users our iOS app will be available within the coming weeks.

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