Friday, August 26, 2016


As a mom of a blended family, our house is always on the go and consequently, I am always misplacing something, especially my keys. Most parents everywhere have the same issue, rushing to get their kids off to school in a timely fashion, running errands and some have to rush off to work. It is no wonder we can all keep our heads on straight with life's hectic pace.

In my case, I usually hang up my keys in the same spot every time, or well, I use to but in the last couple of years, I was finding (no pun intended) that I was misplacing my keys more and more frequently.  An easy solution I found (or actually, was given) to stop losing my keys, was the TrackR.  I received my TrackR last Hanukkah as a gift. When I first saw it, I was a little unsure what it was for.  The small circular-shaped contraption, I learned, is basically the simplest way to find lost and misplaced belongings, especially keys!

How it Works

When you lose something (in my case, my car keys) you tap your finger on the lost item tracker, TrackR and it rings your misplaced keys.  It even works on your phone, even if you misplace your phone and it is on silent. Pretty cool, right?

Honestly, it is one of the best inventions ever, especially for absent-minded people like me, who are always misplacing things!

The TrackR is the size of a quarter and has some really cool features you can request, for an additional cost of course, but things like uploading your own image or name to your TrackR device. It is also water resistant.  It comes with a replaceable battery that last up to about 1 year.

The TrackR easily attaches to your keys, purse, water bottle or other item you do not want to misplace.

This item, the TrackR is definitely on my Mommy Warrior "Thumbs Up" list of awesome products!  

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