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As we get our children ready for back to school year 2016-2017, we are, for the most part, very fortunate to have all the things we need to provide our children with the basic necessities to attend school.

Such is not always the case, in all families, especially when it comes to foster care families.  One particular foster care organization in South Florida, SOS Children's Villages, is a favorite of mine, one, because it is in my home state and two, because they are an amazing organization that does their best to give foster care children a happy, and safe home environment, as well as a good education.

Below is a letter from the VP of Development of the SOS Children's Villages of Florida, Dawn Seay.  Please take a moment to read and share if possible on your social networks.  

Thank you, 
Mommy Warrior

There is a lot of activity involved with back to school.  Getting the kids up and out, packing lunches, finding classes and bus stops, and the list goes on. There is a sense of excitement and a new beginning as children embark upon the new school year.  For some this means starting kindergarten or making the transition to middle school, which can arguably be some of the toughest years during the journey to adolescence; and for others this is their senior year as they prepare to move on to the real world and more independence. 

As you think about these things and recall what back to school meant to you, consider what it would be like to live with the uncertainty as to whether you would be able to afford a yearbook, a class ring, or attend homecoming or prom?  With your donation, the things many of us take for granted can become a reality for our children here at SOS Children’s Villages.  Please help make a difference this school year by making a donation to our Back to School campaign.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!
Best Regards,
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Dawn Seay
VP of Development
SOS Children’s Villages - Florida

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