Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I have never asked God to grant me as much patience as I am requesting right now!  In less than 5 days my 13-year old daughter, (very soon to be 14-year old) will be starting high school! I knew that sassy, smart-alec mouth would come and bite me in the ass someday, in the form of karma!  All I can think of is, "Geez,  my poor mother!" God rest her soul, she was one very patient woman, because I don't know how she put up with me!  And now I have to put up with "mini-me" on steroids!

I ask myself, how does a sweet, cute loving girl, mysteriously turn into "Sybil, the Devil-Child," the moment she enters her teens?  One minute, it was all fun and games, going shopping at Justice and buying her adorable clothes and the next, it's "eye-rolling 101" with a side of snide remarks served up on a daily platter, I didn't order.  

Who knew, I would have such little patience?  I mean, I've been through this before with my step-daughter but I guess it's not the same when your kid lives with you 24-7, plus, I must say, to my detriment, she does have my genes AND her sister's! (Talk about payback!) I am sure I will find the humor in that maybe four or five years from now.

For now, it is bad mood in the mornings, bad mood when she's hungry, bad mood when's she's sleepy, oh and of course, bad mood every time I say "no!"  So let me see , that leaves me with a window of opportunity from maybe 2:30-3:30p,m, in a car ride, or maybe at night from 11:00p.m. til midnight, when I occasionally get the scoop of what's going on in her life. Wow! Two whole quality hours of the "real" kid I gave birth to.  Did I really put my mom through the same thing?  (Note to Heaven:  "So sorry Mom!)

I know it can be really stressful to start a new school, especially high school but boy, do I hope this is just a short phase.  (Let me indulge a little in that fantasy, will ya?)

Truth be told, I have an amazingly wonderful, smart and beautiful daughter but some days she is just simply possessed with the "teenage demon syndrome!" Not all get it, but those with a smart-ass, sassy attitude from the time they are young and too smart for their own good, often do.  I know from experience it will pass, but in the meantime, I need lots of patience!  And you my friends, the readers, are going on this ride with me for the next four years as I vent and ask for patience, MNO's and maybe even a few shots of Whiskey during these high school years, good times and in bad, Mommy Warrior-style!


I know it will be an interesting ride with many ups and downs but one thing I know for sure, is that when all the "smoke" clears, she will come out smarter, stronger and more fierce than ever and she will always be my loving little girl that I adore! 

Let this next chapter begin.  


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