Saturday, October 15, 2016


For most of my years as a mother, I have spent my time as a blogger but before my "Mommy Warrior" days, I spent 10 years in the music business and those were some of the most entertaining years of my life. It was a privilege to go to work every day and listen to amazing talent being developed.  

I was fortunate enough to work for one of the Top 5 music labels during some of the best years in the music industry with some extremely talented national and international recording artists. I was also lucky enough to be part of the process of developing young talent, working with A&R in finding the artist, developing their album, (CD) their artwork, working on their promotion, and eventually seeing them perform in concert. It was an amazing opportunity - a true privilege, especially for someone who is so passionate about music.  I miss those days.

In the years since, I have come across a few young singers online, who have made it in today's (new) digital music world, but today, I came across an amazingly fresh new talent! As a "Mommy blogger" I have been asked to share this with you!

Some of you may have heard of this spunky and talented young artist, if you watch America's Got Talent, but if you don't, let me introduce you to SKYLAR ("SKY") KATZSklyar, known to friends as Sky, is an 11-year old with an incredible talent for rapping.  Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious.  She has been rapping since she was 5-years old. 

It is so refreshing to hear someone so young with a passion for old school hip-hop, especially hearing her hit single "Haters," which is a re-vamp of Biz Markie's "Just a Friend," which has received positive reception worldwide and critical acclaim.  Even more exciting was Skylar's performance on the hit TV show, America's Got Talent, where she wowed the panel with her single "Fresh."

The judges all gave her a "yes," and Howie Mandel told her she had swag and style and Simon Cowell, said, "You are the coolest 11-year old in the world," and "You scare me," which in Simon's language, means, he was very impressed! 

As a mother, I love that this young girl has positive messages for today's youth and through her rap music, she expresses her thoughts and feelings and teaches young people not to listen to the "haters."  I also love that she is a well-rounded individual, who loves her family, friends and excels in sports as well, playing on three travel basketball teams in her hometown of Long Island, NY.

Skylar Katz's debut album is slated for a 2017 release. Remember, when you hear everyone talking about this fresh new rapper on the scene, you heard it here first - her future is bright, so expect to hear big things from her very soon! In the meantime, make sure to follow her on all her social media platforms!

The Sky's the limit! 




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