Thursday, December 15, 2016


Some of us work. Some of us stay home with our kids. We all try to make a living in some way. Sometimes, we go on vacation. For the most part, we are happy and successful. 

Now, I ask, do we make a difference? It is easy to go on with life, checking our social media platforms daily, engaging in business, dealing with our kids, school, homework, sports, aimlessly going through our routines.  I wonder though, how can we just go on and not make an effort to help others and make a difference in the world, when possible?

I am aware that no one likes political conversation on social apps, or when we get too serious over things that may cause arguments or conflicts at our dinner table conversation, but as I read the articles and watched the news, I was shocked more and more every day with what's happening in Aleppo

Do most people even know what Aleppo is? What's happening in Aleppo? Do they even know where Aleppo is and why should they care?

Why Doesn't Anyone Care about What's Happening in Aleppo ??!! I think it may be because it does not affect our own little bubble here in our "great again, America world" but 11 million Syrians have been driven from their homes and the worst part is that thousands of CHILDREN ARE BEING INJURED and/or KILLED in Aleppo! As human beings, as citizens of the World, WE HAVE TO CARE!

As a mother, as a parent, I implore you to do something! We have to do something! We went to war over the lie that another country had weapons of mass destruction. Well, here we are in 2016-2017 and the world IS witnessing mass destruction! Mass destruction of an entire civilization in Syria! Innocent Children are dying at the hands of savages. If we as a Nation wanted to do something, we could. We should not be apathetic.

We are not here in this world to just coast through it and not make a difference. WE ARE HERE in this world to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the BETTER!!! 

Most people do not know what to do. This is the least we can do - DONATE to help fund The White Helmets ! The WHITE HELMETS is group of unarmed volunteers, who risk their lives to help anyone in need - regardless of their religion or politics. The White Helmets volunteer rescue workers, operate in the most dangerous place on earth.

They have saved more than 73,530 people from the attacks in Syria, but there are many they cannot reach. There are children trapped in rubble they cannot hear. For them, the UN Security Council must follow through on its demand to stop the barrel bombs, by introducing a 'no-fly zone' if necessary.

The volunteers save people on all sides of the conflict - pledging commitment to the principles of “Humanity, Solidarity, Impartiality” as outlined by the International Civil Defense Organization. This pledge guides every response, every action, every life saved - so that in a time of destruction, all Syrians have the hope of a lifeline. The White Helmets mostly deal with the aftermath of government air attacks. Yet they have risked sniper fire to rescue bodies of government soldiers to give them a proper burial. Many of the volunteers, of White Helmet have been injured themselves. Let's help get them back on their feet, so that they can go in and rescue more victims.

If we can't stop the violence, at least we can be part of trying to rescue the survivors! We must MAKE PEACE NOT WAR ! We must be a part of the solution, not the problem! TO SAVE ONE LIFE IS TO SAVE ALL OF HUMANITY!!!!

Make a Difference! 

This is not about race or religion...this is about HUMANITY!!! Obviously, you do not have to donate or even care about this particular cause (disaster) but my point,when I started writing this, is that we should all make an effort to make a difference, to care, to get involved somehow. Not just sit on the sidelines in shock and say "Wow, that's horrible," and then do nothing.

No matter what your cause, no matter what you want to fight for, start today! "Stand up for what's right, even if you are standing alone!"

Thank you, Lissette Ro - MAKE PEACE NOT WAR

Buy your "Save Aleppo" T-Shirt here. Proceeds will be donated to: The White Helmets.


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