Tuesday, December 20, 2016


It's time to get into the holiday spirit! How about a Virtual Christmas Fireplace to get you in the mood?  This is a gas fire, in a modern, classy room. Therefore, it is perfect to add a stylish ambiance to your Christmas Day.  Turn your TV into a Christmas fireplace on Christmas Day. This is the perfect background video for Xmas Day. With the natural sound of a fire in 5.1 surround sound.

Available in 4K Ultra HD resolution, so it will look crystal clear even on the biggest UHD SMART TV screens. You can also watch on HD SMART TVs, or even on your computer.

This classy fireplace was filmed in a modern home with Christmas decorations. It is a gas fire so we have use warm tungsten lighting to give it a really warming, cozy Christmas Day feeling.

It will help keep the atmosphere festive, the conversation flowing.

UScenes has used warm tungsten lighting to give the whole scene a very warming effect. It is all about making a room feel cozier looping this 4K Xmas Fireplace Video. Just by having the rich golden colors on your screen, you should naturally feel more comfortable and happy on Christmas Day.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, it is always fun to get into the spirit of the season. The 4K Video of Fireplace Scenes, by UScenes provides super realistic-looking, log fire videos that makes a room feel cozy, especially for the holidays.  It's perfect to put the video on the TV and have it running to make it look like a real fireplace is going.

I love it because you can avoid the expense and hassle of a real fireplace by just turning on the fireplace video.  I also thought it was pretty cool if you are having a  dinner party for the holidays, it adds a little ambiance as well.

There a lot of different choices for the fireplace scenes and each download (video) includes the choice of a 20 minute TV fireplace video and the choice of a Windows and Mac fireplace computer screensaver.

See the video below to watch the Xmas Fireplace Video in action:

If you want to learn more about these virtual fireplace videos, you can go online to see all the selections available at: USCENES: Scenes for Your Screens

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