Monday, February 13, 2017


Hey Moms! If you are in the Las Vegas area and looking for a reasonable and reliable carpet cleaning company, GreenWay, is the way to go.

My name is Charlie King, the owner of Green Way carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV and I want to thank you for being able to offer the best cleaning experience Las Vegas has to offer.


Why Should You Choose GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas NV?

At GreenWay, keeping Las Vegas clean, all while keep our environmental impact as small as possible is more than just using “green or organic” cleaning products, we are the full spectrum

We believe we have the least environmental impact carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, we also do the best possible at every job, all while providing you the most thorough cleaning on the market. One thing I have always loved is when calling a local service and being able to talk to the owner on the phone so much, that I wanted to offer you all the same. Let's face it, we are all super-busy these days, that’s why I decided to develop a way to book for Las Vegas carpet cleaning on-line.

So why book a carpet cleaning Las Vegas? We hope to make things a easy as possible on your end. So feel free to fill out the contact us form, or give us a call, or even now offering text messaging! We Love Las Vegas, and are so thankful to call it home. And love the fact we can provide the highest quality cleaning, all while keeping the impact on Las Vegas county as small as possible.

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Thanks Las Vegas, and remember to check out our blog!

Call Today at : 702-734-2929

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