Thursday, March 30, 2017


Baby-proofing your home is something no one really warns you about when you are pregnant but it is something that is absolutely necessary, especially, if you have a mobile baby or toddler at home.  If you do, you may very well know by now how easily they can get into things! I know my kids were crawling at a really young age and by the time they were toddlers they were opening all the drawers in my kitchen, especially my son.  Now that I have grand kids as well, I am happy that I have new baby locks in my house.  


 The Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks (4 Locks + 1 Key) No Drill Needed, 3M Adhesive Peel & Stick - Baby Safety Locks.  I don't have to worry about them getting into the drawers, when I had the plastic locks on, that were sometimes easy to take apart, the way my kids did.

The Azenvita Child Safety Magnetic cabinet locks comes with 4 locks and a magnetic key (it also brings screws which are optional to use.)  I like using it with the screws installed because it makes it that much harder to remove and a whole lot sturdier.

The neat thing about these locks, unlike some of the other locks I used in this past, is that these magnetic cabinet locks have an ON/OFF switch that can be used to keep the magnet closed at all times if not needed.  Just make sure not to leave the magnetic key lying around if you have a savvy toddler.

The best part is the locks are very easy to install and reusable.
Additional sticky pads are included with every purchase, in order to allow the locks to be used multiple times, when and where needed.



  • ✔ EASY TO INSTALL TO BABY PROOF YOUR HOME - these innovative magnetic cabinet locks are very easy to install - simply stick the lock and latch inside your cupboard, drawer or cabinet and you are all set!
  • ✔ SUPER STRONG HOLD & POWERFUL MAGNETIC KEY - The 3M adhesive pads are strong and durable enough to prevent pets and toddlers gaining entry. Comparing to other products in this range, our strong magnetic key works well even through thick cabinet and cupboard walls
  • ✔ CAN BE KEPT LOCKED or UNLOCKED - Use the ON/OFF switch to turn the child safety locks on or off as required. Simple magnetic cabinet locks make baby proofing and pet proofing your home easy!
  • ✔ HIDDEN, REMOVABLE AND REUSABLE - Our child safety baby cabinet locks are hidden, can be removed and put to use elsewhere, as and when needed. Each pack contains optional screws that can be applied to strengthen the hold or when the adhesive layer is worn off or damaged
  • ✔ FULLY GUARANTEED - Enjoy total peace of mind with a 30-day money back guarantee with every purchase!
To purchase your cabinet locks just click on the link Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks to buy and it will be delivered directly to your home in 3-5 business days.  

(Sponsored by Azenvita)

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