Saturday, July 22, 2017


I first learned about Calm Keeper as I was browsing through the web, doing research on ADHD.  Although my child does not have ADHD, there are many times when it sure feels that way with the lack of attention and lack of focus and hyperactivity.  I am also well aware that 10 year old boys and kids in general have a lot of energy. 

Nonetheless,  I always try to find natural ways to help my family, with vitamins or supplements.   What I love about Calm Keeper (for children) is, first off, is the adorable packing that is visually-appealing but the main reason, of course, is that it is a "homeopathic formula that promotes relaxation and helps treat restlessness, irritability and inability to concentrate."  These are the exact symptoms that I am trying to address with my child.  Calm Keeper is great because they come in small pills that are tasteless (and I mean that in a good way) as my child doesn't like strange flavors in his vitamins. 

It doesn't have any lactose or artificial coloring and it's gluten-free! It is also made with a variety natural ingredients, one of them I like is, Chamomilla.  It is not something that makes my child fall asleep or get groggy. 

It simply helps to literally keep calm!

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