Monday, July 10, 2017


If you love to run or train on your bicycle here is a perfect way to stay safe while doing so. Light Up Turning Signal Gloves, Zackees allow you to signal to traffic without having to worry,

These light up gloves are water-resistant with spandex and the fleece liner keep your hands toasty warm, even in rain and snow. Zackees award-winning Turn Signal Gloves are the hottest innovation in cycling lights that allows you the ability to communicate turning intentions to other vehicles on the road. Zackees are also great for runners.  Often times people who run, like to do so at dusk or night time and sometimes they run along the side of the street where there is a flow of traffic. These light up gloves allow you to let drivers know where you are going.

The lights on the Zackee gloves are surprisingly bright even with such a small battery because the LEDs are the most efficient on the market at converting power into light. The gloves can run up to 3 weeks of moderate use, after that you just plug it into your charger.  The Zackees are also conveniently machine-washable. All you have to do is remove the batteries, wash it and then let it dry (naturally.)

So not only do these gloves look super cool, they are very efficient.

Check out the Zackees in action:

Try a pair on your next bike ride or run!

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