Monday, February 12, 2018


There is something special in pulling out the cardboard box and setting up everything for the ultimate fun of playing table games. Those were times when we didn’t have smartphones or unlimited internet data and those were times when we had so much fun! Do you remember when you had to clean the table so you can all sit around it and play games like Monopoly or Clue? Well, if you don’t, let me remind you:  


Monopoly is a game which lasts about 6 or more hours. It is a game where you buy streets, build houses and hotels, pay taxes and even go to prison! The highly addictive game where you could be a millionaire in one moment and completely broke in another and that is what made it so great. It was a real challenge to actually finish the game.

Guess who?

Yes, it is a board game for two, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t have fun with it. It was a game which developed your sense for details because you had to think about the glasses, the bandana, long or short hair, anything you can think of. The main purpose of the game was to figure out your characters among everybody else.


Cluedo is the game of catching murderers by following clues and it was pretty intense, especially if you were smaller. There are a few newer versions of Cluedo today, but I find the original one the best. After all, I did grow up on it. Cluedo is not just a game of catching murderers. It was a game of finding the murder piece and the murder scene. It is the CSI of table games and I would love to play it now.


The best card game ever is not a table game but it definitely deserves to be mentioned here. It is a game of speed and it is a great source of fun for children and adults. Everything is great until you drop the 4+ card, which means that your opponent has to draw 4 cards or hit you with the same card. Uno is the game where everybody tailors their own rules but no matter how you play it, you will laugh and have fun. I have to admit, I still have it whenever I go on a trip. 

Hungry Hippos

I loved playing Hungry Hippos when I was a kid because the game is so chaotic. There are 4 hippos on a platform (one on each corner) and at one moment you release the balls. That second, the chaos starts. Every player hits his hippo as fast as it can to eat as many balls as they can. The game is loud, fast and it offers you so much fun! I am actually thinking of getting it now because this game looks like a great anti-stress therapy.
Those 5 were table games that made my childhood awesome and I am absolutely sure you know what I am talking about. So, let me hear you, what were your favorite table games?

Author Bio: This trip down game board memory lane was contributed by Mark, a foosball blogger from FoosballZone. He loves reviewing all kinds of foosball tables, from the tournament materials to the small coffee tables. Having a good foosball table offers you fun for hours and if you aren’t sure how to pick the right one, read his post about Harvard foosball table so you can see which are pros and cons you have to consider when you are looking for a foosball table.

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