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If you have kids, especially tweens and teens, you know how difficult it can be to monitor their cell phone usage and what apps they are using.  I know that I was very hesitant when I gave my daughter her first cell phone, as she entered middle school. I knew that almost every single kid in middle school had a cell phone and I was always reluctant to give in but I did. However, she knew it came with a set of rules, restrictions and the possibility of the privilege being revoked if she did not adhere to the rules. I made it very clear that I would be monitoring her text messages, phone calls and photos.

Of course, as she got older, and gained more independence, the rules were revised a little. However, I am still very concerned about monitoring photos and I am adamant about zero tolerance when it comes to bullying (whether it be in person, via cell phone or cyber-bullying!)  Now, I have another up and coming middle-schooler, asking for a cell phone. My son will probably obtain the privilege of cell phone usage within 6 to 8 months or so.  Thankfully, now I know about Family Orbit, an excellent phone app that allows you parental control to protect your kids.  It is one of the best tools that parents have today to keep tabs on their kids and their cell phones.

I recommend that every parent set up a parental monitoring app on their kid's cell phone. You’ll be able to see their location in real time, as well as check their location history and set timers to keep kids on track. Everything changes once a kid has a cell phone, so it is best to be prepared and keep up to date with changing technology and available apps.

Luckily, in today's day and age, the ways to monitor your child's cell phone usage has only gotten better.  Family Orbit enables you to take back control of your children’s safety by monitoring how and where they use their phone, as well as whom they are engaging with when they do.

There is a certain amount of freedom you are giving them as they delve into the cellular world but that freedom does not have to come at the cost of their safety!

Here are some of the features you get when using the Family Orbit app:

1. Monitor phone usage
2. GPS Tracker
3. Limit screen time
4. Parental control
5. Location history
6. Check-in and emergency

and so much more...

Go online today and learn more about the Family Orbit about and their pricing plans.

NOTE: *Three child devices can use the iPhone App but only one iCloud device per license.
For iOS, available only for iCloud based monitoring. ^ Available only for App based monitoring.

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