Saturday, February 10, 2018

If you have ever handled an umbrella stroller while pushing your child and carrying anything on the handles of it, you know the odds of it tipping over are pretty great.  I always carried a heavy diaper bag with me and one of the things I disliked most was that when I would place the bag on the handles it would inevitably tip over.  Umbrella strollers are super lightweight and convenient.  They are the go-to strollers for most parents once your child gets old enough to be in one.  Now, there is a great new accessory to help out with the never-ending tipping problem.

Whoever invented this made a genius move!  Something so simple to help resolve a problem so common.  The Buggy Balance! The umbrella stroller accessory that is a pair of colorful counterweights which adds stability and balance - less tips, spills & falls!

Basically, the counterbalance weights help prevent umbrella strollers from tipping over backwards when you have something hanging from the handlebars and your little one decides to stand up.

The Buggy Balance ensures that it is universal to install and doesn't interfere in any way with the ability to fold the stroller.

Here's a short clip of how it works:

The Buggy Balance counter weights bring balance to your "buggy!"  They are available on

For more info, you can visit their website: BUGGY BALANCE

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