Monday, June 4, 2018


Summertime has arrived!  If you have toddlers or young children you know keeping them entertained is not always an easy task. Let me introduce you to a fun way to keep your child entertained and looking forward to learning. It's called Little Passports.

As adults we rarely ever get mail anymore unless they are bills and I know when I get something in the mail that is not a bill I get excited! I also remember that as a child, anytime I would receive something in the mail, like my Highlights magazine (back in the day,) it was so much fun. Imagine your kids looking forward to getting a special package in the mail just for them!  Your child is sure to love going to the mailbox to check for their Little Passport package every month.  Little Passports is a fun and educational way to keep your children engaged in learning about the world, about science, reading and other great topics.  They can also enjoy adventures with the fictional characters of Max, Mia and adorable dog, Toby.  Both kids and moms love Little Passports!

Little Passports is an award-winning gift subscription that was created and tested by real kids, and created with educational value in mind by educators, toy industry veterans and scientists. If you’re looking for a fun and educational gift for your toddler or school-age kids, Little Passports is the way to go! It has won the "Mom's Choice Awards - Honoring Excellence," 2017 Parenting Product Award, Brain Toy Academics Choice Award Winner, iParenting Media Award and so many more.

Little Passports was founded in 2009 by two moms, Stella Ma and Amy Norman, who wanted to inspire kids to learn about the world while having fun. It is the perfect gift and it's educational! It is perfect for children ages 3-12 years old. (Includes a "passport," world map, stickers, activities and so much more...)

1 Choose a subscription
Little Passports offers fun and engaging options for children ages 3-13 with several different payment plans. 

2 Check your mailbox
Each month, your child will receive a new package in the mail filled with fun and engaging products.
3Discover and learn
Start exploring and spark a lifelong love of learning. 

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