Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well folks, the latest is we are status quo on the kidney
transplant situation. We are now sitting and waiting for
his sister to do what she has to do to see if she can be a donor.
In the meantime, we've decided, (actually Ser decided) to make a
lifestyle change regarding diet. He went to visit a nutritionist
who specializes in macrobiotic diets.

When he came home with the exciting news that he was psyched to
lose weight and get healthy I was all for it, that is until he started
reading off the sample menus.

Oh my G-d! You don't know, the "Little Mermaid" has a more scrumptous
diet than these food items! Seaweed is a treat with this diet! Have you
ever had kombu or kale? I mean really, what the heck is that?

Well, today we learned!

Yeah, today we spent two hours at WHOLE FOODS SUPERMARKET.
We bought the essentials plus all that nasty stuff
(ie: Sea Vegetables, Kombu, miso, kale.)

We bought:
-wheat pastas,-udon noodles vegetables
-Whole grain brown rice- Soy cheese- Miso

For condiments we got:-Brown rice vinegar (there is also white rice vinegar),
-Sesame oil,-Sauerkraut-Brown rice syrup

We bought lots of greens like:
-Cabbage,-kale,-parsely,-watercress (berro).

You can go check out:

Signing off for now,

The Little Mermaid & King Triton!

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