High quality nutrition is 
🔑 and as a brain tumor survivor and living kidney donor, I have had my fair share of health issues, so I am always looking for alternative health options, to stay as healthy and as energetic as possible, especially when it comes to brain health and mental wellness.

I think those two things are something we could all use help with, especially as we start getting older, even without any pre-existing issues. 

When I learned about Nootropics, it was a few years back. However, last year, I learned about a specific brand of Nootropics that supports healthy cognitive function, mental clarity and overall brain health that has Frequency charged nutrition in its products!  It is actually a company that has all the things I was looking for and more! 

This frequency charge drink is going viral and even has a popular actor from one of my favorite soap operas (GH) on board at this company, as well as some top-marketing professionals in the industry, who also believe in these products, wholeheartedly.

Imagine all the goodness of clean nutrition with adaptogenic mushrooms, combined with harmonizing frequencies to help heal the body - mind, body & soul!  Exactly what my brand name motto is: The Power to be Happy: Mind, Body & Soul.   

One of my favorites in this line is a mango-lemonade drink that is formulated with a blend of seven different organic mushrooms, B vitamins, amino acids and 100 mg of caffeine from organic green coffee bean extract. Everything comes together with delicious fruit and citrus flavors to make this lemonade a healthy and tasty treat for your body and mind.

These are all the things drinking this lemonade daily, can help with:

  • Mental Performance 
  • Brain Health 
  • Energy 
  • Mental Clarity 
  • Creativity 
  • Motivation 
  • Concentration 
  • Alertness 
  • Mood 

I am forever in a state of gratitude that I am still blessed to be here on Earth to continue to make a difference.  The fact that I survived a brain tumor makes me humble and grateful EVERY single day, (many are not so lucky.)  

I am blessed and with that said, it is my mission to give back to others in the best way I can and that is through education on alternative health and wellness, specifically, holistic health options, sharing my writing and bits of wisdom I have acquired in my double nickel (and change) years of life and offering you the best nutritional supplements for health and mental wellness on the market.

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"Sometimes it’s difficult to be positive, and to be patient or to comprehend the challenges we are faced with, in those "tower moments" of life that make us feel overwhelmed. Those "tower moments" are moments that can feel like everything around you is crumbling, and getting more difficult at every turn, but the key to overcoming these moments, is to make space for more light to enter, to move to a new higher frequency with an upward and forward movement. It is important to always keep moving forward towards that light. ("Nunca para atrás como el cangrejo!”) Moving forward is not the same as moving on. You can “move on,” physically, but emotionally, you may not have moved forward. Forward is progress.

It is where we need to go as things change and move in different directions with the ups & downs of life. We need to learn to look for the light and move forward in progress. And that doesn’t mean the “light” they talk about at death. When I refer to the light, I am referring to the light of LIFE, of love, of hope, of motivation, of kindness, of compassion, of happiness, of better days yet to come. It is the light that sparks you from the inside out! 

We all have that "light" within in us, but sometimes we just need that spark or switch turned back on. Often, we forget who we really are supposed to be because we got lost in the chaos of life. It takes conscious effort to look for the things that “light you up,” and bring you joy. It also takes plenty of self-love and personal development to nurture your soul. We are a work in progress.

Ask yourself this? If you treated a project at work or at school with attention, care, and focus to make sure it was successful and turned out well, why wouldn't you do that for yourself? If you are doing it right, when you complete a job, a project or levels in school, you keep going up and forward in progress. You either work towards a goal, good grades, a promotion or different levels of success, so why wouldn't you put in the same or better effort to the ultimate project in your life? YOURSELF!

If you don't put yourself first, why not? Well, maybe you feel stuck...but guess what? When we feel stuck in life, it is because we are not putting in the work. We are not putting in the work to better in our relationships, our jobs, our health, our friendships - none of it. Sometimes our hearts can't accept what the Universe has planned for us but it is our job to We are just letting old patterns of behavior steer the wheel and become complacent with the status quo. Complacency is a killer. That doesn't mean that life has to be perfect to be wonderful. It means, that we learn how to maneuver through those tough tower moments and find something wonderful in the journey. It is possible even in the darkest of days. We are not here on Earth to just get by and complain about the rough moments in our lives. Like the saying goes, "We are here to thrive, not just survive."

And News Flash: no one gets out alive We're not usually here for a long time, (unless you are my grandmother! LOL!) So, we should make every effort to make it the best time possible. Actually, what I have learned, is that we are here on Earth to learn to manipulate energy and become better versions of ourselves. If you are religious, then perhaps that better version is the goal of becoming God like. And if you believe in Source, then you know that we are all God and have that power within us to achieve a higher frequency.

But let me not digress into religion...the bottom line is you have to do what lights you up.

You (and by you, I mean you, me, we,) have to make a conscious effort to look for the things that “light you up,” and bring you joy. Even with all the craziness and frustrations, we go through in life, it is about surrounding yourself with people who make you want to be better and do better. It is about moving away from the dark energies and things that bring you down.  It is about appreciating those people, who genuinely love you and treat you well, who check on you and want to see you succeed in life. There is plenty of good in the world, we just have to look for it! And there is also great abundance in the world, (if only greed and power would take a back seat.) Love, abundance, kindness, it's all there waiting for you, for me, for us!

Looking for the light is about finding “your tribe” and thriving there, whether that be with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, teammates, and so forth. Having a tribe is about having that support that we all need at one time or another in our lives. And if you don’t like the “tribe” you have, get a new one or find one! Reach out to me and will help you find one.

There will always be some cloudiness, and even some dark days, but it is in that “darkness,” that we must learn to manipulate our Energy, so that we can attract the good, (“the light”) and the higher frequency in life, which IMO, is THE goal. That higher frequency is in reference to a higher spiritual plane, not a physical state. And with that said, our physical state is also an integral part of our journey.

It is true that health is indeed our greatest wealth, and without that we have nothing, which makes it that much more difficult to stay motivated and happy when we are not in good health or not feeling our “best.”

This is why we should try to do everything in our POWER, to be as willing and as healthy as possible to put in the WORK: mind, body & soul.  Feeling good and having a positive mindset is hard work. No one said it would be easy; but it is definitely worth it, when you are able to shift your paradigm - to change your thinking and perspective from what it has always been, that is progress - that is success. It is learning to have a growth mindset over the same old stagnant mindset we have been conditioned with, that says things are the way they are, and that they have to stay that way.

This is not true. We can change our mindset at any time we make the DECISION to do so. We have the POWER! The power to be happy, to be healthy, to be kind, to spread love and happiness and to make every day count.

We are not here on Earth to just survive and get by. IMO, we are here to make a difference, to make a positive impact, somewhere along the course of our lives.

At some point in life, you may have inspired or motivated someone and not even known it. And sometimes, you might even have to “toot your own horn,” to keep you going with self-talk, personal development, daily affirmations or even just coming back to read this blog.

So even if you feel things are crumbling around you or getting more difficult, and those “tower moments,” seem to be growing, remember that we don’t grow or learn when things are easy. We grow when we learn to overcome the obstacles with grace and grit. We learn when we can recognize the lessons, as difficult as some of those may be.

The Earth, Gaia, G-d, Source is shifting us to become better versions of ourselves.

My advice is "do more of what makes you happy every day" and be like a sunflower - always looking for the light, that brings you joy, health and happiness. Stand tall, even if sometimes you may feel like you are wilting. 

It’s all part of the process.  Inhale Love, exhale negativity."



"Happiness depends upon ourselves." —Aristotle

(Source:  Re-post from The Power to be Happy blog)


Empty Wallet
Do you often feel like you are struggling to make ends meet in today's economy? Do you ever wonder why you can’t seem to unlock the vault to true wealth and abundance? Does it seem like you can never catch up to pay your bills, or that somehow the money seems to disappear so that you are struggling again, every month? Do you spend days surfing the internet trying to find ways to earn extra money to supplement your family's income? I know I did!

Maybe it's time for a money reset! 

As a mom, I always want to be able to provide and supplement my family's income and to have the luxury of providing the extras for my kids, (even though they are not little anymore.) That extra money can facilitate opportunities like family vacations or paying for college or even car insurance, which is extremely expensive for young people.

My dedication to the study of the Law of Attraction, plus wanting to have extra money to splurge on non-necessities and the desire to learn to attract abundance, were some of the reasons why I was attracted to the video course I am sharing with you by money manifestation expert, Croix Sather.

If you are like me, you may automatically hesitate and think to yourself things like, "You don't need more money, you have enough to get by," or "look at all the poor people in the world, you should be grateful for what you have." While it is true that there are other people worse off than you or I, that doesn't mean that you can't live your best life.

You can live in gratitude and still live in abundance. It is just a matter of learning how to stop the negative beliefs we have conditioned with in society about money and learning how to reset our vibration.


In my honest opinion, I feel that we are here on Earth to thrive and to attract miracles, that will allow us to become the best version of ourselves.

No matter what your income level is, when you experience that feeling of scarcity, it can be super stressful to feel like you don't have enough or that you can't provide for your family the way you would like. Obviously, there are a lot of people in society really struggling but everyone's' ceiling is different. Each one of us has our own perspective of how much wealth is necessary to survive or to thrive. You can own a million-dollar home and feel like you don't have enough. And that is not because you are not working hard enough, or you don't have a master's degree or whatever degree you think you need for success.

It is because you and I have been programmed our whole lives to have a "broke mentality," - by our upbringing, by television, by movies, and even by the friends we may have grown up around. And that program is playing out because you don’t even know how it is happening. 

Here is an analogy for you. If you cook or watch someone else cook, you know that if you have a recipe, but are missing ingredients, or if you use the wrong ingredients, then you will get something completely different or not what you intended. You might think you know part of the recipe for attracting money, (I thought I did, just because of all the Law of Attraction videos I watched,) but if you do not have the money in the bank that you want, then something is missing. There is a simple recipe for attracting money and creating true wealth.

If you are not living the life that you want, on your own terms, then your money vibration blueprint is incomplete. 


What does that mean? When your money vibration blueprint is incomplete or out of alignment, you will always struggle with money. 

What I know is that the after-effects of the pandemic have affected so many families' financial situation, especially families that were once in a comfortable economic position. 

There are those who have been struggling with lack of wealth and abundance their whole lives, but what I have noticed is that since 2020, more and more people are struggling paycheck to paycheck and just can't find a way to earn extra income no matter how hard they try but more importantly they are struggling with the shift that is going on in the world. If people don't learn to change their stagnant mindset to a growth mindset, they will stay stuck and keep missing part of the recipe for true wealth and abundance. 


If you are not taking the vacations, you know you deserve, and you are not living the life that you want, then your money vibration blueprint is incomplete. 


What does that mean?

When your money vibration blueprint is incomplete or out of alignment, you will always struggle with money. 

The fact is that in today's world there are SO many ways to make money (especially online,) if you are resourceful, have the right tools and the dedication to make it happen. But the truth is, you also have to have a good relationship with money and be aware that money is energy and not have a scarcity mindset.  If you are one of those people who feels like there is never enough money or abundance to go around, I want to share with you just one of the ways you can Fix it IMMEDIATELY!

It's time to learn how to break free from the struggle of just living paycheck to paycheck. The system was created to keep us in and endless loop of struggle, to keep most people just barely surviving. 
The reality is, if you have just enough, you are not likely to complain too much. You’re not likely to demand more. There is not enough pain to motivate you to break out of the system - the matrix we live in. This is how most people live, just getting by. But guess what? Sometimes that is just not enough! Why do we have to sit by and watch other people live their best abundant life, while struggling to make ends meet or not be able to pay for extra gymnastic lessons for our kids or not be able to go on the family vacation you have been dreaming of in your mind?
I am telling you now, we are not here to just survive, we are here to thrive and grow and be our best selves, mind body & soul and that includes abundance in our lives.
You do not have to stay in the struggle, in mediocrity or in the endless financial struggle. You can break free! 
Here’s how!

In order to become wealthy, you must do what wealthy people do. 
And no, that doesn't mean go out and spend a ton of money. No, I don’t mean filthy rich like flying in private planes or sailing the world in a yacht. I am referring to the everyday millionaire, the person, who has broken out of the system to create true financial freedom.

My definition of "wealthy" (of financial freedom,) is first and foremost, to have good health but also to have the freedom of time to do what you want, when you want and to not be slave to a 9 to 5 job.

Personal development is key to a growth mindset and to changing your relationship with money. And that all starts with learning to be a money magnet miracle - learning to raise your money vibrations, increases the flow into your life.

I recently watched this video about why some people always struggle with money and why others are always attracting money. The reason might surprise you. You will want to watch this video to see how you are unintentionally blocking the flow of money into your life. And how to change that.

This video shows you that there are over 17,223 Women & Men using a simple & secret “Money Code” to Manifest an Extra $1k, $2k, or even $5k a WEEK to their earnings…


In order to change yourself and your situation, you have to do something different! We often cannot change the circumstances around us, but we can change ourselves! What we have at the moment, we have attracted by the person we have become. You have attracted these things because of the person you are. If you change what is inside of you - you attract success.

We can't always blame the marketplace or our circumstances. We have to learn to work on ourselves, and on the right things, regardless of the economic marketplace or the year we are in. "Success is something you attract by the person you become. Success is not something you pursue, or chase...Success is something you develop, something you become. You attract success."
- Jim Rohn

The key to attract treasures (economic treasures, spiritual treasures, financial/social treasures,) is by your own personal development.

Your mind and emotions impact your reality.


Woman in hat smiling
Social media is usually all pretty pictures and positive posts (at least the people I follow,) but I wanted to get real for a bit because I know that there are people out there watching or reading
who may need to see this. Someone might be feeling how I was feeling.

If you know me personally or have been following me for a while, you know that I am in the holistic health industry and have been for the last 10 years or so. However, recently, I had stopped all of it because I was feeling miserable. So much so, that I actually (voluntarily) went to the doctor to run a bunch of tests because some days it was a real struggle to get out of bed physically, plus all my stress was building up and then the emotional component kicked in too. Not only was I not feeling well physically, but I also had an overwhelming feeling of sadness and worry. I won't even get into all of that now, if you know me personally, you can just imagine.

Mostly, I was feeling serious fatigue all the time, in pain all over my body and basically just really "blah" emotionally! Between my physical ailments and the level of stress I was trying to handle, it was no fun. Stress is always much more difficult to handle when you are not feeling your best. It is easy to be happy and motivated when you are healthy but when you feel like crap, that's when the real challenge kicks in. And when you don't feel well, that's when your mind starts racing and you start coming up with all kinds of doom & gloom scenarios - well, at least I did. LOL!

Anyway, getting to the afternoon, like 2-3:00p.m. was a real struggle for me on the daily, without binging on coffee because my energy was so low - especially with my low Vitamin D levels, according to my latest labs. I was so fatigued that I didn't even have the strength to walk my dog without feeling like I was going to pass out.

One of my online friends/mentor reached out to me about something she was trying for her health and mental wellness, and because I know, like and trust her, I was open to learn more about it.

Long story short is, if you are in the health and wellness industry, like me, at the very least, you should be a good representation of what you are promoting. For me, feeling well was and is important not only for myself, for my children, and for my family, but because I do my best to make a living as a brand ambassador helping others feel well, so if I was not feeling well, how could I show my face or promote any products?

After a few weeks of being a real emotional mess, I decided ENOUGH! I activated and made a decision that I do NOT want to feel like this!

Despite my brain surgery, (post headaches,) having one kidney, menopause symptoms and some auto-immune issues, I decided I can be healthy or at the very least, get serious about my journey again!

So, I made the conscious decision to start writing/blogging again, as an outlet and added a plant-based "Holistic Solution Bundle" to my daily regimen for my health and mental wellness. And so far, in a short period of time, I have already noticed the difference.

✌🏻I have way more energy all day.
✌🏻I am no longer feeling sad or down, which I was for the first time
in a very long time - you know that feeling "blah" on the daily,
where you don't want to do anything or see anyone. this was a bit
more than my just usual anti-social episodes. LOL! It was no
picnic feeling like that.
✌🏻That lazy/lethargic feeling during the day is gone and I am able to
focus and stay on task, which is a big deal between my brain
surgery after-effects and menopause (brain fog.) #ifykyk
✌🏻Sleeping all night and I wake up feeling well-rested.
✌🏻Most days I WAS feeling miserable ALL day and now, I can keep
going all day and mostly have my energy back! At least I don't
have to binge on coffee anymore.
✌🏻As a matter of fact, I have been able to cut back on my coffee

If you are not taking care of your gut health or your mental wellness, you can start to feel off balance physically and emotionally. Which reminds me! One of the most important things I forgot to mention before, is that it has helped me tremendously with my own gut health.

Working on your whole mind & body is the key to optimal health. You need to be your best fit self (physically & emotionally) to be able to handle those tower moments we all face. Especially, us women, who are always trying to take care of everyone else and "mother" and protect the ones we love, while sometimes ignoring our own needs.

In all transparency, let's get real! This doesn't mean that I still don't have my moments or that I feel like "Super Woman" everyday (not just yet, give me some more time - LOL!) What it means is that I found a natural option to help me on my journey back to good health again and I took that path. Everyone has different choices to make. I am simply sharing my experience and the choice I made to get myself back on a holistic path to wellness. The reality is like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Once YOU make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen," and things and people are placed before you to put you back into alignment.

Happiness & Health is not a destination. It is a constant journey of self-development, of self-reflection and of working on our physical fortitude.

I am here to share H.O.P.E. (helping other people everywhere) to let you know that there are options to make us feel better naturally. And if I can help or motivate just one person, then I consider that a success for the day!

Wellness is not just popping pills or constant doctor visits. It is knowing that there is hope and that you can awaken the best version of yourself with a little help and effort on your part. You have to seriously ask yourself, "Am I putting in the work on the daily to feel better and to be happier in my life?

Personally, my next goal after I continue to get my emotional & physical health back on track, is to lose weight! That's coming!

Remember that getting to A Fit Place: mind, body and soul takes work! No one is going to change your life for you. You can ask for help, and be steered in the right direction, but ultimately, YOU have to be ready, you have to be willing, and YOU have to make the change.

If you have any of the issues I mentioned above or need an overall gut/weight realignment system, I urge you to get in touch with me or whoever sent you this article.

And if you want to grab the Holistic Solution Bundle, I am using just comment below or send me a message.

Remember, as I always say, YOU have the POWER to be Happy and to be Healthy, or at the very least, TRY!

And always, always remember, Faith over Fear!

Be well Warriors!


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(DISCLAIMER:  This article in no way intends to serve as medical advice.  If you are suffering from depression or a mental health crisis of any kind, or have a serious medical condition, please seek attention from a medical professional immediately.

Also note, this article contains affiliate links.)