High quality nutrition is 
🔑 and as a brain tumor survivor and living kidney donor, I have had my fair share of health issues, so I am always looking for alternative health options, to stay as healthy and as energetic as possible, especially when it comes to brain health and mental wellness.

I think those two things are something we could all use help with, especially as we start getting older, even without any pre-existing issues. 

When I learned about Nootropics, it was a few years back. However, last year, I learned about a specific brand of Nootropics that supports healthy cognitive function, mental clarity and overall brain health that has Frequency charged nutrition in its products!  It is actually a company that has all the things I was looking for and more! 

This frequency charge drink is going viral and even has a popular actor from one of my favorite soap operas (GH) on board at this company, as well as some top-marketing professionals in the industry, who also believe in these products, wholeheartedly.

Imagine all the goodness of clean nutrition with adaptogenic mushrooms, combined with harmonizing frequencies to help heal the body - mind, body & soul!  Exactly what my brand name motto is: The Power to be Happy: Mind, Body & Soul.   

One of my favorites in this line is a mango-lemonade drink that is formulated with a blend of seven different organic mushrooms, B vitamins, amino acids and 100 mg of caffeine from organic green coffee bean extract. Everything comes together with delicious fruit and citrus flavors to make this lemonade a healthy and tasty treat for your body and mind.

These are all the things drinking this lemonade daily, can help with:

  • Mental Performance 
  • Brain Health 
  • Energy 
  • Mental Clarity 
  • Creativity 
  • Motivation 
  • Concentration 
  • Alertness 
  • Mood 

I am forever in a state of gratitude that I am still blessed to be here on Earth to continue to make a difference.  The fact that I survived a brain tumor makes me humble and grateful EVERY single day, (many are not so lucky.)  

I am blessed and with that said, it is my mission to give back to others in the best way I can and that is through education on alternative health and wellness, specifically, holistic health options, sharing my writing and bits of wisdom I have acquired in my double nickel (and change) years of life and offering you the best nutritional supplements for health and mental wellness on the market.

If you would like to try the 5-day experience of these amazing nutritional products, just fill out the form here

Awaken your best life!

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