Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Below are 7 tips from guest blogger, Kristen, from Travel Karma on how to survive taking your child to work for one day:

  1. Prepare your child for the office environment the day before
The day prior and then again in the morning before arriving at the office explain to your child that they will have a fun day with lots of surprises at your workplace, but that lots of grown-ups work there and they will need to be quiet and stay at your desk for the day; wandering around or making any loud noises are not allowed.
  1. Prepare your boss and colleagues
Ask your boss for permission before bringing your child, and assuming they say yes give your colleagues a heads up that you will need to bring your child to the office for the day. You may be surprised to find that someone will be happy to keep an eye on your child at their desk for part of the day.
  1. Bring lots of snacks
Pack lots of separate snacks that you can dole out over the course of the day include some healthy fruit, cheese, crackers, veggies and one or two treats that they may not usually get at home. 

  4. Bring an activity pack such as the Travel Karma "Are We There Yet," jumbo pack.


This pack has lots of activities for kids packed into separate kits so your child can be kept entertained for longer playing the contents of each kit for an extended time. The pack includes board games, a coloring and activity book and many craft activities. It’s perfect for kids who are stuck in one place for a long time and was originally designed for using on long haul flights. Find the kits online at

  1. Take your child out to lunch for a change of scenery and some time to connect one on one
Taking your child to a restaurant close to the office will be a real treat for your child and will be a good chance to talk about how the day is going so far. You will have a unique opportunity to connect with your child and talk to them about your job, how you work with others, what happens in an office, and create a special memory for your child. My father used to take me to the office when I was a child and I really enjoyed having lunch with him on these special days.
  1. Don’t feel guilty about using technology
Bring the tablet with some games and apps uploaded, this can be used later in the day if the child is getting tired or bored with sitting in one place it can be brought out as a reward to keep them going a little longer. 

  1. Bribery can work wonders
Tell your child at the beginning of the day if they are very good all day they can have a treat on the way home. I took my daughter to the ice cream parlor close to the office on the way home and she loved it. I commented on how well behaved she was all day and she said ‘’Yes Mamma, I really wanted an ice cream at the end of the day, so I was very good!”.

Extra Pics from our day in the office



Kristen, a mom, a teacher, and former expat, who taught in India for 6 years, is now a corporate education professional.  She started her own business; travel activity kits for kids. You can visit here website at: Travel Karma.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Sometimes we just need to come to terms with the fact that no one is going to come in and "save us."  Nobody can truly make you happy or make you successful, unless you:

 1) Want it; 2) Work for it; 3) Believe in it!

Sometimes we just need a little positive affirmation and reminder that we are good enough.  That we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Here are a few of my favorite positive thoughts and affirmations for you to enjoy and re-read when you need them:

1.  I Am Open and Ready to be Positive.
2.  I am in Control of my Feelings.
3.  No Matter How Hard it is, I Can Do it.
4.  I Am Smart.
5.  I Deserve to be Happy
6.  I Believe in Myself and my Goals.
7.  I am a Kind Person.
8.  Obstacles Help Me to Grow and Learn.
9.  I Stand Up for What I Believe in.
10. I Make Good Choices.
11. I Have the Power to be Happy
12. I Can Make a Difference in the World.
13. I Work Hard.
14. I am Honest.
15. I am Grateful for What I Have.
16. Today I am Going to be My Best Self.
17. I Am Prepared to be Successful.
18. It is Okay if I Make Mistakes.
19. I Like Myself for Who I Am.
20. Today is Going to be a Great Day!

Sometimes we just need to be our OWN hero!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Like we all know, money is something that runs the world. It is a said that money helps us fulfill all our dreams wants & wishes. It is an important ingredient for the recipe to have a balanced life.

"We as parents want our kids to know everything. This is probably because
we are scared that in the competition not knowing enough can be a setback
for them later on. But as parents explaining money and its importance to
them is something that we all must do. One appropriate way of doing this is
to help them open a bank account for themselves." (Source: Confused Parent)
There is a general misconception that investments and insurance are the same. It is very important for us, as parents to understand that once a baby is born, it is important to take insurance for his/her safety and also. Now, when it comes to investments, it is purely your choice as to when and which investment option you choose.
During my childhood days, I had the urge to save money and deposit it in the bank to see my savings account grow. A monthly visit to the bank close to my house was quite a fun. During those days a deposit of $ 0.71 by a teenager was a big deal.
During festivities like Christmas, Thanksgiving or even weddings and maybe a visit to my grandparent’s place, there would be an added bonuses for us. Honestly, a sum of $1.42 would sound so paltry now, but a similar sum during my days would make us feel like a millionaire. Our expenses those days would jot down to a random comic like The Complete MAUS which would cost around $3 for the love of art, or M & M chocolate was available for just $4.
Another memory of carefully spending our  saved money on buying stuff for favorite game of cricket or probably nag your dad to buy you the latest hand held game like Donkey Kong, or to get us a bicycle etc. Nostalgic as it may sound, I feel we were a happy and a lot more content with what we had.
A couple of decades later, I find myself in a different scenario. Where “living life to the fullest” is the new norm by buying things we don’t need, only to keep up with peer pressure and new normal laid down by the today’s society.
Spend Vs Save
Well, kids are reflection of their parents overload of pampering due to lack of dedicated time has made things so easy for the kids to get their wishes fulfilled.  “NO” used to be the final word what we used to hear from our parents when we demanded for anything. But try using that two letter word on your child now and you stand a risk of being labeled as a "miser." Well, who would like to be called that? Expecting children to value money would be far-fetched if they get what they need/want/wish with such ease.
Money doesn’t grow on trees. So, a few months back, I tried this simple experiment on my kids to teach the Budgeting or to discipline them. I had told them that from the following month they would be getting a pocket money of 200 bucks per month. They both were super excited to hear that, but I told them that they were to buy all that they wanted from their pocket money, irrespective of a fancy or an ordinary thing from their cotton candies to bicycles .
A couple of months passed by and one fine day we visited the super market to buy some household stuff. The regular visits used to be a tug of war between my kids and my wife. They would have the cart loaded with what their favorite items and my wife would have a tough time trying to convince them that it was such a waste of money. But the scene that day was surprisingly calm. I asked my better half “What happened to the kids?” She said, before coming here she warned the kids that whatever they pick up from the store would be paid from their own pocket money.
This exercise re-iterated my faith in my belief that most of what kids learn today come from their parents, be it to value money or practice saving or teaching them a disciplined life. But a straight forward question we need to ask ourselves, have we done enough here?  If not, then why blame them for what they haven’t been taught at this young age.

GUEST BLOGGER:       Deshna Chordia
A doting mom to angel, Social Media Specialist and Professional Blogger. She loves to share her thoughts with other parents in the same turbulent boat.  She absolutely loves and adores her family and is learning to strike a good work/life balance.  When she is not writing, cooking or busy taking care of her toddler, she is probably dancing to some good Desi music.


Lissette Rozenblat
Social Media & Network Marketing

Contact: (305) 495-8404

"Empowering Women to be Unstoppable""Be Grateful. Be Inspired. Be Happy."
"What You Think, You Attract.'

Saturday, December 15, 2018


(Pictured below: Daniel Barden, 6-year old victim of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. May he rest in eternal peace.)

As you scroll through your computer in the comfort and safety of your surroundings, please take a few moments of your day to read the article below from the Washington Post.

As human beings, as US citizens, we have grown accustomed to tragedy and have become sadly, apathetic to much of it. As a parent, as a mom, I implore you to take the time to read this article, even if it is long, even if it makes you sad or angry. Even if you are pro-gun, anti-gun or could careless about it all.

It is absolutely unacceptable that our children must live in fear of going to school, the movies, the mall or anywhere else because gun violence has become so prevalent - as if every neighborhood was Compton or the streets of Chicago.

This is no way to live. Sure, we can take the attitude of, “that’s life now-a-days, get over it,” but I refuse to accept this as the “new normal.”

Less than a year ago, I had to visualize my own daughter hiding in fear, listening to bullets flying around, ricocheting off walls outside her classroom, as she hid underneath a desk, huddled alongside classmates, praying the shooter wouldn’t turn around and shoot inside her classroom in SCHOOL!!

Yes, it happened. Yes, it's over and thank G-d she is safe. “Move on,” they say, but no one really knows what that was like, unless they lived it or have been to war. As well as the repercussions survivors have to face unless you are living it first-hand.

What about those people who didn’t make it out of school safely on February 14, 2018? Are we to forget them and do nothing? What about the babies killed at Sandy Hook?

When I visualize 6-year olds hiding in a bathroom at school hiding from the “bad guy,” it breaks my heart. We spend our lives protecting our children from bad things and the proverbial “bad guy,” and this time and way too many other times, lately, the “bad guy” has won. 💔

Why were we so apathetic to letting these poor children die in vain?

Six years ago, I was in my own bubble, busy living my own life, as many of us were and are. Sure, I heard about Sandy Hook, I was devastated and saddened but did nothing. Why?! Why didn’t I speak out? Why didn’t this become a bigger issue for me? Why didn’t I try to help, or at the very least bring about awareness on the gun violence issue....because like most people , until it doesn’t affect you directly in some way, you do nothing.

I am not asking you to do anything else right now, other than read the article, then you can go about the rest of your day and enjoy your family, friends and health.
Too many innocent lives have been cut short because of gun violence. This can happen again anywhere at any time in any town.

“Please know, this is NOT about gun control but gun responsibility!” Common sense gun safety.

“SANDY HOOK SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE END! “The Sandy Hook shooter used 30-round magazines. He fired 154 bullets in four minutes, murdering 20 CHILDREN and six adults in the United States of America at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!”

This should have never happened again at any school!

                                     Parkland Elementary School student after the MSD shooting


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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

If you are looking for a home-based business, if you are open-minded, if you are into health and wellness, if you enjoy making a difference, and if you ready to start a new career path, this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

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If you are a coffee lover, you are going to love this combination of Hemp-infused coffee and Keto creamers!  You can turn your coffee into CBD Keto Coffee.  Each creamer stick pack contains 5mg of Hemp Oil Extract.

  • Each cup of our delicious coffee contains 5mg of Hemp-Derived CBD
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Our creamers come in three flavors: Hazelnut, Vanilla, and Mocha. The good news is our creamers are healthy! They are Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto, Cruelty Free, and Sugar Free. This product contains ZERO THC 

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Thursday, November 29, 2018


Healthy Living Starts at Home with YOU!

Learn about how CBD Oil can benefit your health.


Learn about the benefits of CBD herbal drops for your health, as well as other hemp-related wellness products to help you feel good and look good! CBD Oil is helping so many people with health-related issues, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and more. 
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A Healthy Home begins with a healthy YOU! Get started today by learning more about nature’s miracle plant and other hemp-related products that can provide you with Health, Wealth and Freedom.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018


This morning, as I scrolled through my camera roll on my cell phone to delete pictures I don’t want anymore, I came across this one (the graphic shown below, which I will continue to hold on to.)

It is a simulation picture of what happened on February 14, 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. This picture and those green dots (which represent fatalities,) reminds me how fragile our lives are. It should remind us all.  

I keep it to remind myself of just how close our daughter came to being a victim of this school shooting. I keep it and I analyze it and I am reminded of the horror she and her classmates had to live out that day at school, especially those in the 1200 building, which is where she was. Her classroom was 1251. It was a matter of sheer luck, timing, divine intervention, whatever you want to say, that the shooter didn’t turn around and shoot into the classroom she was in. This graphic reminds me of that, every time I see it.  That is why I keep it.  

Most people have moved on, especially those not affected and not in the Parkland/Coral Springs area, but it is not over, not by a long shot.  It is not over because these students, teachers and staff have to go to the scene of a crime, every day. Sure, they don't walk into the 1200 building, but they do have to go by it every morning and every afternoon.  They have to walk along the border fence of that building. The students have to attend classes where they once had classmates who are no longer there because they are now dead. 
They still have to close their eyes at night and see visions of dead bodies in the hallways, blood on the walls and hear the echoes of victims crying out in pain.  I cannot begin to fathom the pain of those sights and sounds. I can only sympathize with what my own daughter experienced, and even then I will never truly know the details of what she saw and experienced and truthfully, I am afraid to know. It is heartbreaking that innocent lives were taken away that day and teenagers have to endure their high school years with such painful memories.

Personally, it reminds me of the lapse of time when there was no communication with our daughter. It reminds me of how the last thing I heard from her at around 2:40p.m. was: "Mommy, there is a shooter in school. I'm okay, but I am terrified. I am hiding. I can hear someone crying because they got shot. Please call 911."  

That was it, then we didn't hear from her again for another 30 to 40 minutes.  Those were the absolute worst moments of my life, of my family's life. All I could think of was that she was close enough to hear gun shots and then all we got was silence.

It is a reminder that for these students, their families, their teachers, it is NOT OVER. Especially for those families who lost loved ones that day. We use the term “lost,” but the truth is, they were not lost, their lives were brutally TAKEN by a troubled teen, who had access to an assault rifle.

It is NOT OVER because it KEEPS HAPPENING!!!
There is nothing we can do to change what has already happened, but we sure as hell can do EVERYTHING in our power to make sure these tragedies don’t continue to happen in our schools! 

I have written of this tragic event before and I will continue to do so, to remind myself and others, that the repercussions of this incident boil over onto many aspects of life and our community. 

It reminds me that although we experienced the worst moments of our lives, we were blessed to welcome our daughter home safely, (forever, changed emotionally, but physically safe.)  Seventeen families were unable to do that on February 14th. They had their family member taken from them because of gun violence, lack of school safety and mental health problems.  ALL issues we must take on.

This November, during midterm elections, it is our duty to VOTE!! Vote for leaders who want to keep our kids and our streets safe. Vote for those who want to make sure assault rifles do not fall into the wrong hands. No one is coming for your guns. This is about safety. 

This is why we are part of Families vs. Assault Rifles PAC, to make a difference. Not to ban guns, not to go and take your weapons, but to re-classify assault rifles. FAMSVAR PAC is working with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to pass legislation that severely restricts access to assault rifles.

Many people think it is too late, that there are too many assault weapons out there, however, we HAVE to start somewhere and do something! We each have the power to make a change or at least try.  Voting is a privilege that many have given their lives for.   We, as citizens of the United States of America, cannot take this privilege for granted.

Everyone aligns themselves with the cause that best interest them and I think that by working together and communicating, we can slowly but surely bring about change. 

So, let this serve as a reminder, that we must all do our part to make the world, the country and our schools a safer place for our children and grandchildren. 


Never Again. Never Forget. It's Not Over!

Saturday, October 20, 2018


So in my continuous effort to try to make a living online, I lost sight of what's really important in a blog....CONTENT!!! I can't remember the last time I genuinely wrote about my life and my happenings as a mom, as a person.  The whole reason I started this blog was for me to vent and to share my daily struggles, triumphs, hustles and reality, in an effort to maybe help someone might be going through similar situations or simply wants to be entertained reading.

It is time for me to start sharing real life, real stories again as well as all the other stuff I post.

Sunday, September 2, 2018


If you are here reading this post, it might be because you too are looking for something that makes your soul happy, especially when it comes to business. We all have obligations to ourselves and to our families and we all have to earn a living, however, not everyone has the privilege of loving what they do for a living.  If you do, congrats, you are part of a lucky group of people!  If you do not love what you are doing for a living, or are simply looking for a fun way to earn income, you are in the right place.

I have been part of many MLM (multi-level marketing) companies in the past - health and wellness, beauty products, empowerment etc...and I am still part of a couple and will continue to be.  I am of the belief, that you don't have to only choose one company. If you love products from different companies, why not use them and make money promoting them, as long as of course, they are not in direct competition (ie: Avon vs. Mary Kay, for example.)  That would be counterproductive to your sales approach.

I have for years, enjoyed network marketing and was doing it from home. I had been a stay at home mom for the last five years, ever since I was diagnosed with a brain tumor (and subsequent brain surgery and recovery,) however, as we all know, life goes on and so do financial obligations, so I had to go out and get a "real" job. I loved being home for my kids and working on my blog, but I felt I had no choice but to help supplement my family's income and went back to the work force. I started in a field I had never been in before - hospitality but struggled to survive the daily grind, you know, things like: traffic, supervisors, limited lunch time, low-pay, lack of flexibility, reduced time with family...all things you have to deal with when you are out in the corporate world.  Don't get me wrong, it was a nice place with great people, but as they say, "the struggle was real."

While, I can say that hospitality is exciting and is quite a fast-paced environment and it never really gets boring, the hours and the pay are dismal - mainly, the hours.  I mean, I knew going in that the hours were crazy, but I just couldn't make it work in my home life. Not being around as much for my kids, missing their activities, their sporting events and not being able to be there to help them with homework, problems etc... It made me feel helpless. I know many people do it - working the late hours, weekends, coming home at midnight, preparing for 6a.m. shifts, low pay, but that is just not my "cup of tea!"  

Which brings me back to:  "Do what makes your soul happy!"  Life is too short to be miserable at work or at home. I know this first hand from my own personal journey with health issues. When you are working in something you don't like and you are just "surviving" day in and day out but then, you are faced with a possible death scenario, it totally changes your perspective on life completely!  Of course, it is not necessary to be so dramatic or to go through a life-changing event like I did.  It is important though, to try to understand what our mission in life is, to understand that we all have a purpose here on Earth and our goal is to find that purpose and to fulfill it! It is our obligation to learn and to grow as human beings and to find what makes us happy and along the way, help others as well.  We all have different talents, different likes and different missions. The key to success is to find the answer to those questions and pursue them.

I decided that I wanted to walk away from that "corporate job," and pursue what I have ALWAYS wanted, which is to continue in network marketing, work from home (online) and be there again for my kids, as they venture through their academic and social journey's.  It doesn't mean, in the future I might not go out and work again in corporate, if I find something I love, but the truth is, that I have decided to change my mindset and focus on the NOW. Focus on what it is that I want to make work ri ght now and go for it!  I think that when you are passionate about something, it overflows to your customers (clients) and they feel that energy and also get excited about the product or service you are offering.

While, I am not encouraging anyone to go out and quit their jobs or ignore their financial responsibilities, I am promoting that you follow what your passion is and do what makes your soul happy!

For the LONGEST time, I think one of my biggest obstacles of why I hadn't had success before was because I never really defined what it was that I wanted!  I mean I blogged for years and did some affiliate advertising but I could never figure out what I really wanted to do that would earn income.  That is what YOU need to decide - what is that you REALLY want to do?  

What do you love? What do you enjoy doing and what are you good at?  Do you love shopping? Do you love fashion? Do you love being online? Do you enjoy talking with people and networking?  Well, if you do, then this is going to be perfect for you!

For years, I had created my own designs on t-shirts via other online platforms and I posted on my own social media but it never really took off. I also LOVE being online. I love branding. I love network marketing and I love to be creative. And I especially love soulful style!  That is why when I came across J.Elizabeth Boutique, I fell in love with the concept.

J.Elizabeth Boutique is a multi-level marketing company that enables you to own a home-based business with little to no risk and unlimited potential. It is structured to allow you (the online boutique owner) to do your own marketing and sales. Plus, not only is the structure of the company amazing, their t-shirt designs are made of great quality and their motto of "Do More of What Makes Your Soul Happy" is my absolute favorite! 

I also came across another line on their main website that says, "We don't meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our paths for a reason."  I whole-hardheartedly believe in this!  I believe that we are all brought together to learn from each other, to learn what we want and don't want, whether in person or online - we are all connected! I believe we should all support one another, empower each other and make a positive difference in the world. If everyone practiced this, the world would definitely be a happier place!

So, to answer what you came looking for, in order to join to become an online boutique owner, it is very simple. You just pay a fee per month ($9.99) to have your own site/business page. You get to choose whatever name you want for your own boutique (pending its availability) and then it is tied together with the inventory of J.Elizabeth and boom - you are a boutique business owner! 

You also get amazing mentoring from your sponsor (which, for YOU, could be ME, if you decide to go this route.)  Oh, and you might see a section that says choose "J.Elizabeth Starter Kit" for $65 but for now - that is optional!  You do not have to choose that option. It is a welcome starter kit that brings J.Elizabeth logo shirts in a box.  

All you have to do is sign up where it says "COMPLETE ENROLLMENT," with your info and pay $9.99 fee to keep your website up and running on a monthly basis - that's it!  You have to be 18 years and older and have an active working credit card. It doesn't get any easier than that!  Plus you are going to love what you do, especially, when your friends and family start coming to you without you trying, asking to buy some of the cool t-shirts and accessories in stock!

One of my favorite parts of being an online boutique owner is the posting on all my social media platforms. Everyone loves cute and fun t-shirts and accessories, so you are promoting something people will love and want - especially when the quality is good!  All shirts from our boutique are D.T.G (Direct to Garment) print, which means it will last and not crack or fade.  Also all shirts are machine-washable.  Quality and Cute = perfect combination!

These trendy designs (and accessories) are already made for you. You don't have to do the designing or worry about inventory or overhead - it's all done for you! You just have to do the promoting and selling yourself.  Obviously, you can't just sign up and expect it to happen overnight by itself. Like any business, you have to work it!

What I can tell you is that, it is extremely rewarding to work at something I love and have the support anytime I need it.  My sponsor (Jess) is awesome!  Anytime, I had questions, she responded immediately and steered me in the right direction! There are tons of resources, especially via YouTube with informational and empowering videos.  J.Elizabeth is also working on re-vamping their website, that should be up and running in the next few weeks, for a better customer experience, so that is exciting!

Should you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them for you. You can email me at: or visit my social media business pages on Facebook or Instagram at: SHIRTOLOGY U.S.A.

If you are ready and don't want to wait, you can sign up right here, right now!  START YOUR OWN ONLINE BOUTIQUE NOW

Before I let you go, all I ask is if you can comment below to let me know you were here and stop by when you are on social media and give #SHIRTOLOGYUSA a like!  Thank you!
Whatever you choose...make today amazing!!