"Sometimes it’s difficult to be positive, and to be patient or to comprehend the challenges we are faced with, in those "tower moments" of life that make us feel overwhelmed. Those "tower moments" are moments that can feel like everything around you is crumbling, and getting more difficult at every turn, but the key to overcoming these moments, is to make space for more light to enter, to move to a new higher frequency with an upward and forward movement. It is important to always keep moving forward towards that light. ("Nunca para atrás como el cangrejo!”) Moving forward is not the same as moving on. You can “move on,” physically, but emotionally, you may not have moved forward. Forward is progress.

It is where we need to go as things change and move in different directions with the ups & downs of life. We need to learn to look for the light and move forward in progress. And that doesn’t mean the “light” they talk about at death. When I refer to the light, I am referring to the light of LIFE, of love, of hope, of motivation, of kindness, of compassion, of happiness, of better days yet to come. It is the light that sparks you from the inside out! 

We all have that "light" within in us, but sometimes we just need that spark or switch turned back on. Often, we forget who we really are supposed to be because we got lost in the chaos of life. It takes conscious effort to look for the things that “light you up,” and bring you joy. It also takes plenty of self-love and personal development to nurture your soul. We are a work in progress.

Ask yourself this? If you treated a project at work or at school with attention, care, and focus to make sure it was successful and turned out well, why wouldn't you do that for yourself? If you are doing it right, when you complete a job, a project or levels in school, you keep going up and forward in progress. You either work towards a goal, good grades, a promotion or different levels of success, so why wouldn't you put in the same or better effort to the ultimate project in your life? YOURSELF!

If you don't put yourself first, why not? Well, maybe you feel stuck...but guess what? When we feel stuck in life, it is because we are not putting in the work. We are not putting in the work to better in our relationships, our jobs, our health, our friendships - none of it. Sometimes our hearts can't accept what the Universe has planned for us but it is our job to We are just letting old patterns of behavior steer the wheel and become complacent with the status quo. Complacency is a killer. That doesn't mean that life has to be perfect to be wonderful. It means, that we learn how to maneuver through those tough tower moments and find something wonderful in the journey. It is possible even in the darkest of days. We are not here on Earth to just get by and complain about the rough moments in our lives. Like the saying goes, "We are here to thrive, not just survive."

And News Flash: no one gets out alive We're not usually here for a long time, (unless you are my grandmother! LOL!) So, we should make every effort to make it the best time possible. Actually, what I have learned, is that we are here on Earth to learn to manipulate energy and become better versions of ourselves. If you are religious, then perhaps that better version is the goal of becoming God like. And if you believe in Source, then you know that we are all God and have that power within us to achieve a higher frequency.

But let me not digress into religion...the bottom line is you have to do what lights you up.

You (and by you, I mean you, me, we,) have to make a conscious effort to look for the things that “light you up,” and bring you joy. Even with all the craziness and frustrations, we go through in life, it is about surrounding yourself with people who make you want to be better and do better. It is about moving away from the dark energies and things that bring you down.  It is about appreciating those people, who genuinely love you and treat you well, who check on you and want to see you succeed in life. There is plenty of good in the world, we just have to look for it! And there is also great abundance in the world, (if only greed and power would take a back seat.) Love, abundance, kindness, it's all there waiting for you, for me, for us!

Looking for the light is about finding “your tribe” and thriving there, whether that be with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, teammates, and so forth. Having a tribe is about having that support that we all need at one time or another in our lives. And if you don’t like the “tribe” you have, get a new one or find one! Reach out to me and will help you find one.

There will always be some cloudiness, and even some dark days, but it is in that “darkness,” that we must learn to manipulate our Energy, so that we can attract the good, (“the light”) and the higher frequency in life, which IMO, is THE goal. That higher frequency is in reference to a higher spiritual plane, not a physical state. And with that said, our physical state is also an integral part of our journey.

It is true that health is indeed our greatest wealth, and without that we have nothing, which makes it that much more difficult to stay motivated and happy when we are not in good health or not feeling our “best.”

This is why we should try to do everything in our POWER, to be as willing and as healthy as possible to put in the WORK: mind, body & soul.  Feeling good and having a positive mindset is hard work. No one said it would be easy; but it is definitely worth it, when you are able to shift your paradigm - to change your thinking and perspective from what it has always been, that is progress - that is success. It is learning to have a growth mindset over the same old stagnant mindset we have been conditioned with, that says things are the way they are, and that they have to stay that way.

This is not true. We can change our mindset at any time we make the DECISION to do so. We have the POWER! The power to be happy, to be healthy, to be kind, to spread love and happiness and to make every day count.

We are not here on Earth to just survive and get by. IMO, we are here to make a difference, to make a positive impact, somewhere along the course of our lives.

At some point in life, you may have inspired or motivated someone and not even known it. And sometimes, you might even have to “toot your own horn,” to keep you going with self-talk, personal development, daily affirmations or even just coming back to read this blog.

So even if you feel things are crumbling around you or getting more difficult, and those “tower moments,” seem to be growing, remember that we don’t grow or learn when things are easy. We grow when we learn to overcome the obstacles with grace and grit. We learn when we can recognize the lessons, as difficult as some of those may be.

The Earth, Gaia, G-d, Source is shifting us to become better versions of ourselves.

My advice is "do more of what makes you happy every day" and be like a sunflower - always looking for the light, that brings you joy, health and happiness. Stand tall, even if sometimes you may feel like you are wilting. 

It’s all part of the process.  Inhale Love, exhale negativity."



"Happiness depends upon ourselves." —Aristotle

(Source:  Re-post from The Power to be Happy blog)

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