Thursday, September 6, 2007


So we made it through the first week of Kindergarten and
now we're almost done with the second and I can honestly
say this waking up early thing sucks as much as I thought
it would!

Take today for example, the baby wakes up at 4:45a.m.
(after going to sleep at 11p.m.!) I start feeding him quietly
in the kids room and he's starting to fall asleep again and
bam at 4:55a.m. in walks "Little Miss Thing," who had been
asleep since 5:45p.m. the night before! All her energy in tow,
she begins to "whisper" Mommy I need to tell you something.
Her whisper of course, wakes the baby completely out of
his slumber. All you have to do is breathe and the baby
wakes up!

So now here I am at 5a.m. totally dying to go to sleep
and I've got two kids wide awake. One making happy
gurgling noises, the other requesting pizza for breakfast
and cartoons. Oh this is the life!

How things have changed! When I used to have pizza at
5a.m. it was because of some fabulous late night outting,
now it's sleep deprivation 101.

You'd think I'd be sleeping right now considering I'm bitching
about all this sleep deprivation but it makes me feel so
much better to vent about it! LOL!

Oh, and I didn't tell you, that dreaded first homework
assignment finally came in to due over the long weekend.
Of course, I procrastinated and we ended up working on it
Monday night. Why I said "we" I don't know , it was ME,
my Kindergarten assignment was to cut out pictures of
the family and paste them onto a cardboard house, plus
write some stuff. Seriously, she did a lot of the work.
As you can see below she was not thrilled at all, even
with her "Abba" cheering her on.

I'm gonna get some sleep NOW!

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