Friday, November 9, 2007


I was wrong. Girls night out was NO fizzle, it was fabulous!!! I should have known better. Although my Chi Chi had a fever the night before and was extremely sleepy, the concert outting was great fun and oh so memorable! The night started out with me & Chi Chi getting ready at home. Luckily, her fever went away. She was so excited to be going out like a big girl with me & Debbie. I let her put on a little lip gloss and she put on her styling pink leggings and cute J.Lo-like top and I did the best I could (dress-wise) and we were off by 6:45p.m. The car ride was long (1 hour) for her but luckily she had her dvd player.

We arrived by 7:45p.m. and met with Debbie & her friend. By the time we got some munchies and got our seats, which were pretty good by the way, it was time!

Marc Anthony came out with a bang. His voice is amazing. He held a note forever! He was awesome. Debbie & I were jamming away dancing and moving and Chi Chi just kept saying, "Mami, when is J.Lo coming?!" Imagine, this was only after the first song and he was going to sing for one hour!!! Chi Chi sat (well, danced in my arms) for about four songs and then I told her it was okay to fall asleep and I would wake her when J.Lo came out.

One hour later, I was hugging, kissing, shaking and whispering in Chi Chi's ear to wake her up. J.Lo was coming on. She had been waiting for this moment for so long and here she was zonked out! I finally got her up and then the best concert began!! She sat there in awe not knowing if she should stare at J.Lo or at the big screens. She loved it but in the end the sleep was greater than the excitement and she fell asleep in my arms again and woke up for the grand finale and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

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