Monday, December 24, 2007


I am back after seven long days of vacation with the kids and the hubby. All I can say is don't ever go to a studio/efficiency style room or ANY cramped quarters with a baby, a 5-year old and your husband!!!!!! OMG! Can I tell you I thought I was gonna shoot myself the first four days. Okay, I know, who goes to the beach in December but this is Florida, right? Well, our first day there = 49 freakin' degrees! The second day = 55 degrees! Stuck in the room! Crying....hearing "I'm bored" all the time...watching ESPN...aaghhh!!!! Luckily, by the end of the week, the weather got better and some friends arrived and then it was much better! On a positive note, we celebrated out baby''s 1st, so that was exciting! The family came from the Big "H" and celebrated. Of course I will post pictures as soon as they become available. I'm just so happy to be back and able to post on my blog. It helps me maintain my sanity! What's left of it...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you & yours.....

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