Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"Again we have to hear this story Mommy?" said my 5-year old as the Fidel Castro story ran again on the news. Imagine this coming from a little kid after only hearing it twice! Imagine 49 years of the same rhetoric! That's all we ever heard about here in good ol' South Fla. Seriously, do we really believe that Castro's "resigning" is going to make any bit of difference. It's ridiculous to hear people being interviewed saying we're close to the end, almost victory. Give me a break! After 49 years in power - Castro won! It is very sad to say but it is a fact. I feel for people like my grandparents and family members who lost their homes and businesses and my parents who had to flee their country at such a young age. I can't even imagine seeing my little kids having to leave this city, let alone the country! But as sad as it is the guy won. He did what he wanted all these years and no one ever had the "balls" (excuse my language) to do anything about it. As a Cuban-American I know both sides of the story.

It is absurd to think there is some sort of victory out of his supposed resignation. The guy is probably dead or bed-ridden but he's been smart enough to outwit the US and all the exiles all this time so why stop now.

I think we should relax the embargo, allow travel, help the country get back on it's feet, because eventually it will, and then we can all be drinking mojitos in La Habana!!

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