Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So I finally went to NY with my mini-me and we had a great time. I really missed my lil'man but boy when I was in the security check point at the airport I knew I had made the right decision. Oy! and then waiting to board the airplane, the screaming, crying children waiting. I felt so much better knowing he was home safe and being well taken care of instead of dealing with the dreadful hassles of traveling. And as a wise friend told me, he wouldn't even remember the trip anyway. So I was able to relax and enjoy myself.

I worked half the time but it was well-worth it. We stayed in Long Island and I finally saw my hubby after 3 weeks, which was nice :o) We had a great time with family on the Island.

On our last day before leaving Chi Chi and I ventured out into the City alone. We took a train into Manhattan, which she loved, then we arrived at 34th street and had to make our way to our destination which was Central Park. This is when the fun began.

We started walking as I've done before in the past when I've been in NYC, except this time I didn't find it as invigorating and exciting. Perhaps it was because I'm getting old or perhaps because I had a whiny 5-year old saying "I'm tired, I don't want to walk," every five seconds! Nonetheless, this time around it was torture in the City. It was HOT!! and getting a cab took us more than half an hour. Actually it took forever, because we never got one. Also, note I'm probably a big time rookie at hailing a cab. Chi Chi was so frustrated at waiting for a cab that never stopped that she stepped out into the street herself to wave one down with her recently acquired transformer toy from McDonald's. Every time a taxi cab zipped by us she was ready to throw that toy at the window.

After much convincing and coercing I finally got her to walk to 40-something street. By then we were BOTH frustrated and exhausted so I decided to blow $20 and take one of those bicycle rides, where they pedal you into where you want to go. Quite the adventure on those bumpy crazy Manhattan roads.

Almost 2 1/2 hours after my E.T.A. we arrived at Central Park! From there on end, it was pure fun. I was able to meet my cousin, originally from NC who I hadn't seen in forever, have a hot dog at the Park and Chi Chi played in the fountains of water and got blissfully drenched as she made new friends and climbed "the rock."

Here are some of our shots:


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