Sunday, November 30, 2008


What an exhausting day!!! My G-d! Surgery was not as draining as trying to recuperate at home with kids, especially a 2-year old!! I am in no condition to deal with terrible two's right now. I don't know what possessed me to think that I was. I mean, I have had help of course but being that today is Sunday, and our amazing babysitter has been caring for my little man for 11 consecutive days for 24 hours, I figured I'd give her a break. Crazy me!!!

My family came to visit me early in the a.m. and then some random visits in between but trying to keep Michael from jumping off of bar stools and not hitting his sister every five seconds can be a little exhausting. Poor thing though, he is almost two, what do I expect? He's such a little trooper. Tonight around 6ish, the phone rang and I went to answer - actually raced to answer to beat Michael to the phone and this wood platform in the kitchen just randomly falls from my cabinets onto the floor. I didn't hear anything, no crying, nothing. I just felt Michael hugging my leg and then two minutes later I see him go hug his sister, Chi Chi for comfort and a minute after that he runs to the bathroom and grabs a piece of toilet paper and crumbles it up and puts it on his foot. When I get off the phone (it was a quick how 'ya feeling phone call) I go to where he is and sit next to him and realize that he is cut on his foot. The platform board (it wasn't that big but it was heavy) had actually fallen ON his little foot and cut him. He didn't scream or cry, nothing. I wanted to carry him in my arms so badly but instead I yelled for my neighbor, who was in my living room visiting to please pick him up and carry him for me to the couch so I could comfort him. Poor baby! I looked at his foot and it hadn't completely cut it so there was still blood inside and already bruised. I felt so bad at that moment. Here is this innocent little boy who is hurt and won't even shed a tear of pain. He just looked at me trying to be all tough and brave. He just wanted a hug. That moment made all the endless craziness completely irrelevant. A little antibiotic ointment and a Sponge Bob band-aid made it all better.

They both didn't fall asleep tonight until 9p.m.!

I'm really exhausted now and slightly in pain but the good news is that there is school tomorrow and the babysitter will be back, so I have every intention of taking a pain pill and resting all day!!!

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