Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, this is it, the night before we leave. Everything is coordinated, planned and organized. I've been pretty relaxed now for a couple of days. Until tonight that is! The reality of getting on a plane tomorrow and saying good-bye to my kids is killing me. It's not being negative or anything, I'm just the type of person that would probably cry if I was going on vacation and leaving them. Well, no, maybe, not, This is pretty intense.

Chi Chi has been so excited too about all the great things she has planned: a dinosaur show, her first sleepover and hanging out with her life-long (short but it is life-long) friend, Sebas! Also, visiting the family, Thanksgiving feast, & visits to parks but tonight she told me she didn't care about any of that! She said if she had different parents she wouldn't miss them but since she doesn't, she will miss us too much. She broke down and cried and said she didn't want me to leave and that she would miss me too much. I have to tell you, it was very difficult not to lose it! I told her I would miss her too and that I had to go do this to help "papi" and that I would be back soon. I also told her that if I wasn't going away, none of these fun things would be happening - at least not the sleepover part! I'm still too old-fashioned for that!

It was a tough night. I don't even want to think about the drop-off at school tomorrow morning. Ugghhh, that's why my head is pounding. I better go sleep it off! Thanks for the well wishes.

Until next time...

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