Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 3, 2008:

Thank G-d all seems to be going well. Sergio is up & about, and his kidney is functioning well. He is going to the hospital clinic twice a week for check-ups and blood draws. His anemia seems to be getting better too. He even ventured out to his office in Long Island for a little while today. But I RE-ITERATE to him here publicly - take it slow!!!!! The biggest danger is that of infection (ie: bacterial infections) from people who are sick, germs or food from restaurants etc.... So, thank G-d he is doing well, but if you know my husband, you must help me in making sure he takes it slow!! (Love ya, honey!)

I am doing better in Florida. Going slightly crazy with the kids because terrible two's is NEVER easy, let alone with this recovery. I have hit a wall of itchiness!!! Crazy, I know but I swear I feel like I have poison ivy! Everyone says that it means my incisions (4) are starting to heal, hopefully that's true! Thank you again for keeping those positive vibes flowing!

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