Saturday, February 28, 2009


What a sad state of affairs we are in when a 43-year old dad, who is hardworking, church going man makes this kind of choice. I have never been one to defend this type of individual. You know the church going, holier-than-thou-looking kind of guy who is probably a soccer coach and possibly molesting the children in the neighborhood!

I know, that's discriminating but for the most part I don't really trust anyone. I have always said and truly believe that "anyone is capable of anything." This is why this news story has struck me as so terribly sad.

This guy for some reason, I feel really sorry for because I can totally see him as someone I know or even possibly considering (in my mind) what he did. Here he is with four kids, a household to feed and provide for and these horrible economic times drive him to such a crazy act. I mean really, did he think he was playing "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?" Did he not think he would be caught when he decided to rob a bank? Probably not! These hard times only have everyone thinking, how will we survive and that's one scary thought because when man gets in survival mode - watch out.

What I'm afraid of is that as the economic times get worse our society will begin to unravel. Kind of like the wild wild west days. I just pray, this is a sort of cleansing out (sort of like nature) of bad weeds (ie: banks, bad mortgages, etc..) and all will take it's course on the right path soon.

Either that, or we are going to have a sh!#load of soccer dads regressing to their childhood and playing banks and robbers!

God help us all...

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