Monday, April 21, 2014


Life is sooo weird.  I over think life a little too much sometimes, always trying to find out if there is really meaning behind it.  I analyze how most of the time "only the good die young."  I also analyze how some people live long lives and it goes un-noticed (sometimes.)  I just found out that a resident where I use to work at at the elderly housing building died this past weekend.  She was 104!!!!  I was just telling my kids about her too, this weekend!  Knowing my "witch" abilities, she was probably dying as I told them!

Those are the things I wonder.  Why did SHE  live so long? What was her purpose in life?  She actually died from complications of a broken hip.  In my experience working there, I learned that a broken hip can be the "kiss of death!"  I met her before and she was a spunky lady with lots of energy. I guess you have to be to live to 104! 

But again, I am left with wondering, why did she get to live so long and others are taken away so young!  I guess that's where my faith has to come in, that there has to be a reason for all of it...or not?

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