Sunday, June 1, 2014


Had a fun time with my daughter tonight at the movies watching "BLENDED" starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  Even though she is a tween already, explaining some of the stuff in the movie tonight was a little awkward!  I really think move ratings have changed!  Now-a-days PG-13 movies are what we considered an "R" movie from back in the day. Some of the things in tonight's PG-13 movie were really not for a tween but then again, I guess times I have changed!  I just never got the "memo."  Nonetheless, it was a great movie and very funny! Adam Sandler is amazing as always and Drew Barrymore is her usual cute, charming self.  I loved the whole "blended family" concept.  It is a fun and entertaining movie.  Just be prepared to explain a variety of questions if you go with a curious tween (like I did!) 

"Blended"  - is well-worth the ticket price. I highly recommend it, if going to the movies is your thing!

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