Thursday, July 24, 2014


My two young kids are at that "lovely" age when their age differences are huge and it's making me crazy, especially this summer and this week!  They are only 4 years apart but when you have a girl who is a "tween" and a boy who is only 7-years old, the gap can be huge.

My daughter is going into 7th grade this school year and her world revolves around her friends, her cell phone and having sleepovers.  No big surprise, my world did too, when I was in 7th grade (well, minus the cell phone, of course.  Hence, the new generation and their technology!)

My 7-year old on the other hand, is usually preoccupied with ice hockey, Power Rangers and WWE videos, but ever since his sister has had her "BFF" over everyday this week, it has been like World War III here!  He feels it's not fair that he doesn't get to have his friend over, or go to the beach with his friend or just hang out all day with his friend.

I mean, I understand his point but after-all, he is 7-years old.  Most of his friends, if not all, are at summer camp.  He is signed up for ice hockey camp but it does not start until next week!  I try to explain to him, that his sister, at age 7, was not allowed the same kind of freedom she is allowed now.  I try to tell him that next week, he will be with his friends at camp and then he can have play dates afterwards. It's just this week, is not a good week to arrange play dates for him because of scheduling issues with his friends parents.

I must admit, I am in no hurry to have them grow up.  I am having a hard time already grasping the fact that my little girl is in middle school!  And honestly, I love to see my son still running around pretending he is a Power Ranger or a professional hockey player in the NHL.  The role play is priceless. Those are the moments I can never get back.

Regardless of all my explanations and nostalgia, at the end of the day, he is seven and does not care or understand all my reasoning.  He just sees me as being "unfair" and having the "boringest time ever!"  I offer to take him ice-skating or to the movies, but he just wants a friend.  I get it, I am no substitute for a cool 7 or 8-year old (I try, but I am not cutting it!) 

Of course, my daughter is thrilled that I have let her best-friend sleepover twice this week and that I am allowing her a free day out with her best-friend and the mom at the beach today.  She even wanted to hug her little brother goodbye and tell him she loved him as she left the house this morning.  Really? I appreciate the love but you know that this was just more salt to the wound, right?

I know someday this four-year gap will not be a big deal but NOW, today, it is!

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