Monday, July 21, 2014


As I scrolled through my "tweens" cell phone this morning ( yeah, I do that!) I was thinking about what a whole new world we live in with technology.  How as parents we lose some sort of control while our children have all this technology (cell phones, iPads, and more.)  I know I cannot be with my kids, 24-7, especially my tween, but what I have learned, is that I must continue to teach and talk about the dangers that are out there, especially in the internet world.  Kids are vulnerable. They are easily enticed by promises of becoming"famous," by joining a modeling group or entering contests to win something or sending a video of themselves on Best Vines etc...

Recently, my daughter wanted to send a funny video of herself to enter some contest on Vine and I had to explain to her (adamantly) how that can be so dangerous.  I know at this age, she and her friends do not understand my paranoia as a parent, but I did have to explain to her how there are many sick people in the world who can pose as one thing and actually be stalking innocent children, especially girls.

For the most part, I know that almost all the kids/tweens are on Vine or some other social media outlet as a way of "socializing," but I still prefer, the "old-school" way of talking to your friend, or hanging outside and doing stuff, of playing ball, of skating, biking, going to the mall etc...

This is why, the rule in our home is, when my daughter's tween friends, show up at the house, all cell phones must be put down in my kitchen and the parents of the child know that they can call our house or reach them via MY phone.

I believe what Dr. Meg Meeker states, that socializing on the internet can be bad for children.

In my opinion, as parents, we must try to maintain as much control as possible while they are still young in order to teach them right from wrong, so when the time comes for them to be out there alone, making their own decisions, they are wise enough to choose the right thing!

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