Wednesday, September 3, 2014


"A strong woman loves who she is, trust her instincts, speaks her mind and doesn't take crap from anyone."

You, right there, reading this, you ARE a strong woman. You may not feel that way right now but you are. You care for your kids, you do your work, whether inside the home or out, you prepare dinner for the family, you take care of them when they are not feeling well, you have time to help your kids with homework, and you may have even over come some health challenges.  Sure, you may have said at the time, "Why me?"  But now you are much stronger for it, and that's what life is all about.  Learning and growing from life's lessons.

How strong are you emotionally?  Here is a list of my favorite qualities of strong women. Maybe you don't have all of these right now, maybe just a few, maybe one or two, but it is something to strive for to become a better person, a better mom, a better wife and an overall better human being.


1.   She is confident.
2.   She trusts her abilities, but is always willing to learn more.
3.   She is not afraid to share her ideas and thoughts, regardless of
      what others think.
4.   She speaks her heart and her mind.
5.   She has a healthy handle on her emotions.
6.   She is independent and doesn't base her happiness on another individual.
7.   She not only stands up for herself but for others as well.
8.   She teaches others what she has learned - shares the wisdom acquired.
9.   She knows how to maintain a balance in her life between family, work, health and friends.
10. She accepts situations as they arise and adapts to them.
11. She is not needy in any way but is rather graciously detached.
12. She is happy when she is alone & does not need an entourage to fulfill her needs.
13. She knows how to handle herself in any situation.
14. She overcomes life's obstacles (whether it is health or financial) with grace and courage.
15. She inspires others to be strong.

The truly strong and fearless, never think they are.  It's like that quote:  "A woman is like a tea bag.  You never know how strong it is, until it's in hot water."  We, women are like that.  We coast along life doing our daily thing, until "something" happens and then that "mama bear" instinct takes over and we become fierce and stronger than we ever anticipated because it's who we are: MOMMY WARRIORS - STRONG WOMEN.
Get inspired!  Become a stronger woman today!   
~Mommy Warrior

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