Friday, September 26, 2014


Being a mother is a hard job, but when you are a single mother, it makes it that much more difficult because you are doing it all alone.  Independent Nancy is a web site that was created just for single moms.

It is a real-life single moms club online that provides articles with fashion picks, beauty tricks, DIY projects, exercise tips, life advice, and everyday antics.

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Independent Nancy, Natalee Brown says she launched Independent Nancy in 2014, not only to tell the stories of single mothers today, but to inspire happy, vibrant lifestyles.

"I encourage other single moms to share their stories of challenges, triumphs, smiles and tears. I work to bring together helpful resources in all areas of their lives—from food to fashion to parenting to a nice cocktail on the porch after the kids are in bed to celebrate the day," says Brown.

You can also join Independent Nancy on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google +

Independent Nancy inspires independent mothers everywhere, and helps us all live our happiest lives.

Mommy Warrior gives Independent Nancy a thumbs up and says "keep up the great work!"

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