Monday, September 29, 2014


How many times have you just donated perfectly good items or even thrown them out?  Why not save your stuff and trade them with others?  As a former Social Media Director for a trade and barter company, I can vouch for trading as a serious tool to get what you want without having to pay a high-price.   It is the perfect concept, especially for moms, who are always trying to clean up and clean out all their children's things that are no longer used as well as get some new things without having to go "shopping."

Swapmommy.com - is a great place to swap your stuff for even better stuff.  Why not help the environment by swapping rather than WASTEFULLY buying new products.

All the stuff that you own that is rated less than a 10 (rated by you!) is transient, meaning at some point, you will be willing to part with it.

Check out how Swapmommy works:

Here are 10 key things to know about making the most of swapmommy.com

1.  Trade your good stuff that has a lot of value for someone else's stuff that has EVEN MORE 
     value to you today!

2. Everything you have is currency to trade for BETTER stuff; the more stuff you add, the more
    likely you are to complete a trade.

3. Remember it's not just products; services and vacation properties sitting idle are CURRENCY to
    offer and trade!

4.  Adding stuff is as simple as taking a PHOTO of what you have or what you want

5.  Don't just add stuff you no longer want; add it ALL and decide later whether or not to accept a
     trade. You never know what GREAT offer you might get!

6.  Your contact information is kept PRIVATE until YOU decide when and what information to
     communicate to finalize a trade.

7. Take the guess work out of gift giving by inviting your FRIENDS and FAMILY so you can all
    see what you each want and have.

8.  Help the environment by swapping rather than WASTEFULLY buying new products!

9.  Become a TOP-SWAPPER in your region for additional PERKS!

10. Easily create AMAZING multi-person and multi-transaction trades to get exactly what you
     ultimately want!

If you want to start trading your stuff today, go on Swapmommy.com today and get started.  You can even get the app and use it on your mobile phone.

You can also check out Swap Mommy video on TWITTER.

Mommy Warrior recommends Swapmommy.com and says: HAPPY TRADING!

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