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I remember the days when my own kids were babies and going through the "teething phase." As a new mom, I really had no clue of how long it actually lasted. However, I do believe in natural remedies and tried to use anything I could that was not medicinal.  I did a lot of research and used many homeopathic remedies.  I use to use Humphrey's Teething pellets and Hyland’s Teething Tablets/Gel (but I recently found out that this item was recalled.)  Nonetheless, it seemed to work back then!  I also used frozen wash clothes that helped enormously.  Another, item that I used on my teething babies was a tube-filled liquid of chamomile.  The calming and soothing effects of chamomile is great.

Teething is a time when your baby will cry a lot and be in a lot of pain. Often times, you think he/she is hungry or sleepy, with the relentless crying, but in reality, it is the teething that makes them cry so much.  You might think it is too early, but if you have noticed your baby has some of these symptoms chances are your baby has hit the teething phase.


-Crying that is different (teething babies suffer real pain)
-Fever,  diarrhea, restlessness
-Diaper rash
-Chewing their hands and putting everything in their mouth
-Excessive drooling

(NOTE:  I always knew when my daughter was teething because she would develop a serious diaper rash. You can always use some a cream that will help sooth baby

These symptoms can make your baby stressed very unhappy, and you the parent, very stressed.

Some pediatricians will recommend Tylenol for a fever but personally, I always try to avoid medicines, whenever possible.  Obviously, if the fever is high, over 101, you must check with your pediatrician on what you should do.

The teething chart below shows you the different teeth that come in and at what age/stage.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and you may have even considered rubbing a little whiskey on your baby's gums, but let's try to stay away from that for now! LOL!

As difficult as it is to see your baby in pain, it is a phase that is obviously unavoidable.  However, there are some tips that might help soothe your baby.  You have to try whatever works for your baby. There is no one "all-cure" but there are things that can soothe your baby's gums as they go through this phase.



1. Humphrey's Homepathic Teething Pellets or Gel. For babies, you would have to dilute the pellets in water.  (Note: I personally used Humprey's on my teething babies and it was great! They are safe for use as needed and one of the ingredients is Chamomile.)

2. Frozen Wash Cloth -  No, not the Disney movie "Frozen."  You can Dip a corner of a clean wash cloth dipped in water or dipped in Chamomile or Catnip/Chamomile tea. Place the wet cloth in the freezer and then give to your baby to chew on.  Teething Remedies

3. Babyganics Benzocaine Free Gel Teething Pods
These are 10 single-use pods & swabs. Benzocaine free with natural clove oil & stevia provides soothing gum relief.

4. Teething Necklaces or Teething Toys
Teething toys are best when cold.  You can let your baby chew on it and it provides temporary relief. Many people also like to use teething necklaces,
like this one from Momma Goose, that is made from Baltic Amber.  Baltic amber contains a natural analgesic which supposedly will be absorbed through your skin to relieve pain.


5. Camilia - Boiron Teething Liquid Gel Doses - this is one of my favorite because it is natural, safe, liquid, easy, tasteless and effective!  This remedy can be a little expensive, but often times, well-worth it!
Here are some natural solutions you may have at home that will help your baby when teething as well:

Carrot fresh from the fridge (not frozen) - Be sure to use full size carrots so baby can’t swallow them and choke! Large cold carrots is one of our grandson's absolute favorite things when teething.

Frozen Bagels – Keep some bagels in the freezer for urgent teething emergencies! The texture of the bagel is really unique and the cold always helps too!

Baby Ice Packs - use one of those long ice packs (stick-shaped) that you freeze, and let baby chew on it or at least let him/her put it in their mouth for comfort - or actually freeze a teething ring

Cold spoon – Stick a spoon in the fridge or freezer for awhile and then let baby gum it.

Frozen Waffles – Similar in texture to the bagel but might add some extra sweetness!
Crushed ice and washclothes – Crush up some ice and put it in a washcloth. Knot the end so the ice doesn’t slip out. Baby is able to grip the knot end (which won’t be too cold) and chew the colder ice end!

Fruit in a mesh feeder – Place frozen strawberries or other fruits in a mesh feeder and let baby chew on it. This works well because it tastes great and baby doesn’t have to hold onto something cold.

Hopefully, as each baby tooth comes in, you will learn what works best.  First time moms, do not worry, it will get easier for you as you learn.  Your baby will have teething pain but as you read and research, you will learn of solutions that will help your teething baby smile and  be a happy baby once again!

Good luck! ~Mommy Warrior

NOTE: All items mentioned were either used by me or part of affiliate advertising. Please remember that you must choose what works best for your baby with the help of a pediatrician or nurse practioner.




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