Thursday, October 23, 2014


Many of you reading, have parents or even grandparents that are getting older.  Those of us that do, know how hard they worked their whole lives to get everything they have in life.  Growing up, I was blessed with four wonderful grandparents. As the years went by, only my two grandmothers are still alive, both 87 years young!

Our country has a growing population of senior citizens, like my "abuelas" and your "mimaws," "bubbes," "nanas," "abus," "mem├ęs" and maybe even your parents, that do not have enough money for retirement or cost of living.  The more "baby boomers" that retire, the bigger the problem will get.  This is a problem afflicting a growing number of households in America.

As the economy fluctuates, and politics fail, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a family, let alone support our elderly parents.

One organization is working diligently on solving our senior citizens biggest problem, the lack of housing for the elderly.  Elderly Housing Corporation (EHDOC) is one of the front-runners in the senior housing business, providing safe and secure housing.  I worked for this particular organization for 4 years before I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and although, this was not where I saw myself professionally in my future, I learned a lot about senior living.  I met many seniors who had worked so hard their whole lives and ended up with barely enough money to make ends meet.  I learned that at one time, (like you & I,) they had it all, never imagining they would be living their retirement with barely enough money to make ends meet. I learned that they want to live, not just survive!

EHDOC provides low-incoming housing for senior citizens. You may think, "I am not low-income and neither is my family," but in today's economy, there is a whole new definition of what that is!  The median income allowed for acceptance into the program, I believe is 41,000 for a 2 people.  It changes each year according to the housing authorities.


But my point is, that in order to solve the lack of housing for senior citizens, we must all get involved.  Just because you are not there yet, does not mean you will not be affected, directly or indirectly.  The "Golden Years" might not be so golden at the rate we are going.  It is important that we vote for the right politician who are in favor of supporting programs to benefit senior citizens. And it is always vital that we help fund organizations that support a brighter future for the elderly.  It is as simple as making a donation, or sponsoring a senior citizen.  If you can spend $20, $30, $40, $50 on on a movie and dinner, can't you provide a half of that for a senior citizen?  Every little bit counts.  These seniors were once vibrant, hard-working individuals such as you. And moms, especially, you! As mothers, we know all too well how we will do anything to protect and care for our children. Now, it is our turn to care and protect our parents, our grandparents, the senior citizens of our country!

Just think, if it was you, wouldn't you want safe and secure housing?  Remember, your kids or grand kids, may not always be around to solve your problems, they will have their own. We have to all do our part in securing a better future for everyone!

Quote to remember: 
You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand. ~Woodrow Wilson

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