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 Guest Blogger:  Deborah Shure

Are you a supermom trying to do it all, but find shortcomings in your current childcare situation? Do you juggle your busy family, run a household, and have a career, but feel your daycare may not be the best option for your family?   

Here are 5 signs that you should skip daycare, and instead hire an amazing nanny for your little one.

1. You’re worried your kiddo isn’t get the attention he/she needs.
In a typical childcare setting, there will be one adult with a roomful of busy tots. While the adult in charge does their best to meet the needs of all of the kids, it can be hard to give each child individual attention. There may be one or two rowdy kids that suck up 90% of the day’s attention, leaving your child and the rest of the daycare class with the remaining 10%.
If you suspect that your kiddo isn’t getting the attention that they need, you should consider getting a nanny. Your child, or children, would always get their 100%. Your nanny could work with them one-on-one with early reading and pre-school math, and help develop those important early social skills. It’s better to make the decision to hire a nanny now, then to let your kiddo fall behind.

2. You’re tired of packing up the entire nursery 5 days a week.
Just getting the baby and baby stuff in the car before work is a workout all on its own. Many moms feel like they are packing up the nursery each morning before work, and unloading it again at the end of the day. You have to make sure you have bottles, formula or breast milk packs, diapers, wipes, blankets, extra clothes, the pacifier, toys, and anything else your mini-you could need that day.
Tired of packing up the nursery 5 days a week? A nanny comes to you and stays with your child in your home. There’s no packing up everything, and no running back in the house for forgotten items. Imagine how easy it would be to kiss your little one goodbye in the morning and head to work, with your nursery still in order. 

3. The drive to the daycare is out of your way.
Many moms will drive way out of their way to make sure that their kiddo goes to a good daycare. If you add up the time you spend driving out of your way each day, and multiple it by 5 days, you’ll see how much extra time you spend each week shuttling your child to daycare. On top of the time, there is the added gas costs, which can seriously hurt a budgety mom’s checkbook.
If you nanny comes to you, or lives in your home, you can save a lot of time by driving straight from home to work. You won’t have to worry about added traffic time and being late. You’ll be able to leave for work later and get home earlier.

4. You need mommy backup that fits your schedule.
Most daycare centers are open from 6:30 in the morning until 6pm. If you’re late, there’s a fine. If you’re a supermom that works irregular hours, a daycare schedule may not fit into your busy schedule. Having a nanny is a great alternative to daycare, as you can choose one that can work the hours you need. 

5. You’re paying for multiple children to attend daycare.
Many families that have two or more kids in daycare could actually save money by going with a nanny. In some areas, childcare can be over $400 per week per kid. Multiple by that 2 (or even 3) and it’s enough to give you nightmares. Hiring a nanny can cost less than you think, especially if you get to deduct room and board for a live-in household employee. See the article on the NannyTax blog called “HowHiring a Nanny Can Cost Less Than Daycare” for more information!

About the Author:

Deborah Shure is the owner and founder of NannyTax, the premier nanny payroll service in Canada.  With over 25 years of combined financial experience, Deborah and her team are the most trusted source of nanny payroll information.  When she isn’t busy providing “nanny tax frustration relief”, Deborah is spending time with her 3 kids doing all the things that supermoms do!

For more information on NannyTax, you can also call   905 326-3222 or toll-free at 1-877-NANNYTAX (1-877-626-6982).

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