Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Dinosaur Party Adventure is a great children's e-book written by author Christina Johnson.  As the story goes along, the reader is given a choice of how they want the story to go, simply by "tapping" on the words given or going to the page indicated.

Dinosaur Party Adventure is the perfect children's book for children ages 5-8 years, who are generally in grades kindergarten through 3rd grade.  This e-book is great because not only is it very entertaining, but it is interactive as well.  Your child can choose their own adventure" book. What kid doesn't like to control how a story will end?
The stars of the book are Joe, the Elephant, Sam the Dog and Fred the Mouse.  The story is about three friends that are going to a Dinosaur Adventure party and they have a lot of fun along the way, even if they are not dinosaurs!

One of the reviews posted on Amazon reads:  "This book is a great way for a child  to learn both about the many types of dinosaurs as well as the meaning of friendship. As you read it with a child, you can help them speak about their own reactions to many life situations."

Personally, I thought this book was very creative and a lot of fun to read with my youngest son. I cannot wait to read it to my nephew who absolutely loves dinosaurs!

Go on Amazon.com and download  Dinosaur Party Adventure. It is available as a free download here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J7GAAGC


VISIT: http://www.christinajohnsonbooks.com

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