Wednesday, January 28, 2015


KIKSNBOO (Keeks-n-boo) - is a great online company that features a mother/daughter craft team designing unique products that they love.  Basically, they come up with more unique versions of every day products they used for kids, babies and toddlers or products they could not find.

They started KiksnBoo in February 2013. They are a mother/daughter team who decided to start a business, making hand-made fun and useful products for babies and toddlers. Kristi, is a mother of 3 grown children and Megan is her daughter and mother of a toddler and a new baby.  

Their inspiration comes from their own familyand products they loved as moms. On KiksnBooyou will find anything from tutus, to personalized blankets, kids aprons, pillowcases and even super hero capes for toddlers!   

I invite you to visit their website and check out some of their unique items.

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