Thursday, June 25, 2015


Do you have a child who is a fan of Minecraft?  Well, now there is whole new series of books, by Christopher Craft, that will get your kids even more excited about the ever-popular game:  First, we have, Minecraft: Diary of A Enderman's Apprentice Vol.1: (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) (Minecraft Books, Minecraft Handbook, Minecraft Comics, Minecraft Books for Kids, Minecraft Diary.)  It’s about an Enderslayer, called Ronan and the Enderslayers are like peaceful endermen  that help humans.

This is the real diary of an actual Enderman's Apprentice. The book allows you to take a peek at what is really going on when no one is watching.  Not only does Christopher Craft, manage to keep die-hard fans entertained, the amount of illustrations in this book (as well as the others) will please all Minecraft fans.     

 Minecraft: Diary of A Enderman's Apprentice Vol.1 has many positive messages, like the storyline that destruction does not solve anything, and the path to peace is working together, protect the weak and help others when you are called upon.  All these great (positive) messages are a great incentive to buy the book.

Another of Craft's books, which is totally entertaining is Minecraft :: Diary of a Minecraft Iron Golem And His Pig Vol.1: (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) (Minecraft Books, Minecraft Handbook, Minecraft Comics, ... Diary) (Diary of a Iron Golem & His Pig)  {Kindle Edition}

Christopher Craft has taken the characters from the Minecraft game and made a fun and unique story to tell. In this particular book, you get to travel along with a Real Iron Golem and his Pet Pig! Kids will find this book hilarious.  These adventure will have your kids laughing so hard, they will want to read the whole series, of Craft's books.

The author does a great job of bringing an online game to life through these adventures, keeping young readers engaged with the story line and plenty of pictures. And he also makes a conscious effort through his writings to incorporate life lessons and tough decisions into the books. 

Any kid that loves Minecraft will love these books!

Check out more books from author, Christopher Craft!

Christopher Craft

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