Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Do your children loved stuffed animals? I know my little ones love them. Recently, my youngest daughter saw the commercial on TV for her new favorite stuffed animal/toy, a LullaPets and begged me for her own.  If you haven't seen the commercial on TV you are probably wondering, what in the world is a LullaPet?

No, it is not a real pet.  It is the cutest stuffed animal/toy that talks. LullaPets come in a variety of different characters (animals) and each one comes with an MP3 Player/Voice Recorder, Remote Control and a Voice Recording App. Your child can save their favorite recordings to their LullaPets MP3 player  (which is removable.) The MP3 that comes with the LullaPets can hold up to 300 songs. It is great "musical companion" for your kids.

Kids love them because they are cute and cuddly and they can record their own personal messages and even record their silly voices and keep it in their "pet."

One of the best things about the LullaPets toy is that family members can record special messages for your child. For example, grandma (nana, meemaw, grandpa etc...) or any other loved one can record a few words or a special song that your child  listen to and enjoy over and over.

Whether they choose the monkey, dog, bunny or any other of the adorable characters, this musical companion can help your kids fall fast asleep by listening to their favorite song or favorite story via their LullaPets.

Check for yourself as seen on TV:

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