Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hannah Harris is a Pennsylvania mom of 3 kids, who came up with the idea of opening an indoor play-place for kids made up of luxury playhouses.  As of right now, she simply wants to purchase ONE playhouse, to rent out to parties so she can raise enough funds to start her business. 

As moms and "mompreneurs," we are all here to help each other.  This is the perfect opportunity to help out a mom who has a vision to create a happy place for kids.   All it takes is a group of like-minded moms to get the ball rolling and support her idea .  By obtaining just a few people to help her build equity in the business she can purchase the one luxury playhouse.

Her vision of Tiny Town - the coolest playground in America - is a great concept!
It will consist of 12 luxury play homes with ALL the accessories. We want to create something for kids in the coolest small town in America - Lititz, Pennsylvania.

An amusement for not only local families but a DESTINATION for families in the tri-state area! A truly magical place where children will beg to come back!

You can read my more about the "Tiny Town" kickstarter campaign here:  

Sponsor a Playhouse today!  Sponsoring a playhouse is a great way to market your business to many different families in the area.  Your sponsorship will give you an opportunity to customize a playhouse and brand it with your company/business logo.  Read more on how to sponsor a playhouse here: 

Here is how YOU can help:

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