Thursday, March 3, 2016


As a woman and a mother, I know all too well, (as I am sure you do too,) how difficult it is to "keep it together," raising kids, working, maintaining the home, trying to make ends meet. Whether you are going through a rough time now or not, you are still able to have a roof over your head and still have the privilege of going online to read this article.  Do you ever stop and think about the things that homeless people go through? I know, I always have.  We live in a world today that economic stability is no longer guaranteed.

I've always wondered how a woman survives "out there" alone with all the things we women have to go through, living in "normal" conditions, imagine those who are homeless! Not only is it horrible to be homeless, but imagine, the women out there without a place to stay during their "time of the month?! What are they suppose to do? 

Many homeless women can’t even afford food and housing, let alone necessary feminine items like bras and menstrual hygiene products. One woman, in D.C., is helping make a differenceDara Marlowe, is supporting women without homes by providing them with items they'd otherwise would never have.  She has collected 40,000 feminine products to boost the self-esteem of homeless women.  

Marlowe is a mother of two boys, who runs a disability advocacy and consulting company.  She decided to do something about the huge problem homeless women are faced with on a daily basis.  Since homeless shelters rarely receive donations of bras and feminine hygiene products, Marlowe started the organization Support the Girls.   During her free time, Marlowe collects these important items, organizing house pick-ups and dropping everything off at shelters in the Washington D.C. area, where she lives.

Watch this video to see how Dana and 'Support the Girls' is making an impact on the lives of homeless women!

 Dana Marlowe and her organization "Support the Girls," is a huge inspiration and I love how she is being a hero and making a difference in the world!   I'd love to do the same thing here in South Florida and help out homeless women.  

MOMMY WARRIOR and www.AlexAngels.com would also love to make a difference!  I will try my best to get this movement going in my area as well!  We have to all make a conscious effort to realize how blessed our lives truly are!

Who's in?

Sources:  NationsWell.com, YouTube and Support the Girls FB page

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