Tuesday, November 1, 2016


If you are pregnant or have been pregnant, there is one thing that most women would say they would totally pass on and that is nausea.  Not all women who are pregnant go through the "nausea stage" but those who suffered through it, know exactly how horrible it can be.  Pregnant women experience nausea during the first and second trimesters, it is one of the early signs of pregnancy although not constant to all women.

You do not necessarily have to be pregnant just to have nausea, some women suffer from painful periods, and can be seriously affected by this on a monthly basis. 

Recently, I came across the "Ultimate Guide to Nausea," which can be found in Babyns, a website for women by women, that provides information on pregnancy, labor and information on children from birth to 12 years old.

As someone who personally suffers from nausea monthly, I found the guide to be extremely informative and useful.  It provides plenty of information and tips on how to deal with the effects of nausea.

For example, some of the breakdown of the guide consists of:

It is a great read, whether you suffer nausea because of pregnancy, periods, migraines or eating certain foods, because it helps give you tips and ways to combat the nausea, no matter what the reason for it is.

Take a look at the guide and read for yourself. I am sure you too will find it as informative as I did: Ultimate Guide to Nausea.

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